Opinion: Origins of AIDS – A new view on the origin of the world wide AIDS-problem Part 1 of 10

A new view on the origin of the world wide AIDS-problem Part 1, as suggested by the Dutch animal micro-surgeon Professor Johan van Dongen. When organizations in South-Africa are struggling for funds to have more traditional AIDS medicines available for treatment, some countries like e.g. Malawi  have already planned access to less toxic medicines as has been suggested by the WHO recently. But while there are many discussions going on in health science how to treat HIV-AIDS patients successfully, few people are aware that several existing effective AIDS medicines have been kept far away from patients out of very dubious reasons, according to a well informed Dutch source to which we’ll be referring below.

Two very revolutionary books on AIDS have been written in 1997 and 2003 by Dutch university Professor and animal micro-surgeon Mr. Johan van Dongen. His 2003 book does not only shed more light on the man-made origins of AIDS, but also provides readers with a list of names of AIDS medicines which unfortunately have been suppressed by industry and governmental authorities. This may be a shocking statement to many of our readers, but whistle blower Van Dongen has – as we shall see – a very powerful story to tell, backed up by facts and materials he has discovered by reading thousands of scientific articles and a good number of books on the subject (for career details and academic qualifications of Johan van Dongen , please see http://www.biteback.be/library/author.php?auth_id=89).

(translation)"Pleading for the ape”, the truth behind aids and other virus infections""Aids, the greatest medical crime in history"His  two books on AIDS are unfortunately still only available in the Dutch language.  But some of  the content(s) of these books will now become available in English through this present and some more future articles on the Shout-Africa website. The title of the first book is “Pleading for the ape”, the truth behind AIDS and other virus infections”. The second book is called: “AIDS, the greatest medical crime in history“.

It may be clear from the first book title that Prof. van Dongen does not  hold much of the simplistic and unproven theory that HIV-AIDS has been caused by the bite of an infected ape or by eating monkey flesh. One wonders with Van Dongen why people and organizations like the WHO take recourse to such fantasies. Do they may be want to cover up the possibly man-made origin of AIDS as suggested by several brilliant scientists and journalists, whose names will appear in our present  and  upcoming contributions on the origins of AIDS?

Today we will start our series of short AIDS-origin-articles with an important passage from Prof. Van Dongen’s first book, which takes the ape to be completely innocent in the AIDS-story and points unmistakably to the man-made or even iatrogenic origin of AIDS. We start from the second chapter of his 7 chapter book, which is entitled “Vaccines that changed the world”.

After having introduced a discussion on many unfavorable aspects of the original polio vaccines of  Salk and Sabin, he starts referring also to the polish-American scientist Hilary Koprowski, who produced and introduced independently a very contaminated polio vaccine in Belgian Congo in the late fifties. Under the heading “Polio vaccination and AIDS” Van Dongen writes the following:

“One of the first persons – a few years after the discovery of AIDS – who suggested  a link between the contaminated polio vaccine of Koprowski and the great number of AIDS infections in Africa, was Louis Pascal. This young medical student made this connection after having read an article of Bruce Sabin, who was attacking the contaminated vaccine of Hilary Koprowski in the British Medical Journal from 1959. It  was only then that Pascal realized that in 1987 Central-Africa, the region with one of the highest numbers of AIDS patients, coincided with the area where in the period between 1957 and 1960 over 250,000 people had been vaccinated with Koprowski’ s contaminated polio vaccine (also known as Chat 1-type polio vaccine). After he had made this discovery, he took ample time to write up a thesis about  his discovery and submitted it for publication to various well known science magazines like The Lancet, Nature and New Scientist. These journals however refused to publicize the article for unknowns reasons. Also some other journals or magazines hesitated to publish on this matter, which was apparently seen as controversial and not in line with mainstream opinions on the origin of AIDS  (Editorial : A startling 19,000-word thesis on the origin of AIDS: should the Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) have published it?)

Sometimes later the AIDS activist Blaine Elswood from the University of California came to share Pascal’s  idea about this polio related origin of AIDS. Elswood, together with the medical researcher Raphael Strecker, send an article to the British Medical Journal on this matter, which was however also rejected for publication. The non-acceptance of Pascal’s well documented  theory by some of the most prestigious scientific journals could however not prevent that his polio-AIDS thesis was  finally published in 1991 by the University of Wollongong (Australia), under the title: What happens when science has gone bad. The corruption of science and the origin of AIDS. The year 1992 also highlighted an important article in the Rolling Stone magazine by free lance journalist Tom Curtis  which dealt with the polio-AIDS connection ((http://www.whale.to/vaccines/curtis.htm).

That Pascal’s theory should be taken serious is reflected by a statement of one the most well known vaccination critics of modern times Mrs. Viera Scheibner from Australia. (http://www.vierascheibner.org/). She wrote a standard work about the damaging and adverse effects of vaccination in 1993, second edition 1999, entitled: Vaccination – hundred years of orthodox research shows that vaccinations are an assault on the immune system. In this book she says following about Pascal: “By far the most judicious and realistic summary of the dangers of the oral polio vaccine and the origin of AIDS is the one that has been published by Pascal. He is a school example of the independent scientist , somebody without formal bonds to a university or research institute. ” She then confirms that Pascal has shown in his thesis that AIDS has originated in the Belgian Congo as a direct consequence of massive oral polio vaccination with a vaccine that has been contaminated by a simian-immunodeficiency virus (SIV).

Of course, some scientists have been eager to refute Pascal’s thesis. An example of this can be found in an 2004 article in Nature, written by  M. Worobey et al., under the title: Origin of AIDS:  Contaminated polio vaccine theory refuted (http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v428/n6985/abs/428820a.html). This Nature article is however greatly lacking in merit, according to a famous English journalist Mr. Edward Hooper, former UN official and BBC correspondent who wrote a now classic and  famous book The River: The journey to the source of HIV and AIDS which also highlights the polio-AIDS theory that Pascal was proposing earlier. For Hooper’s refutation of the Nature article by Worobey, please see http://www.uow.edu.au/~/bmartin/dissent/documents/AIDS/Hooper04/Hooper04refutec.html It may also be useful to read the words, written by Hooper 4 years later after he had published The River (http://www.lrb.co.uk/v25/n07/edward-hooper/AIDS-and-the-polio-vaccine).

To be continued