About Us

SHOUT-AFRICA was initially conceived in 2008 and became a reality 2 years later. The expressed brief that it gave itself was to serve as a sound and robust platform for both positively profiling and disseminating updated global African news, achievements and aspirations from news published on the continent itself and elsewhere. This remains the case, as we are compelled to add our voice to all who understand and therefore appreciate Africa and its people’s historical contribution to world heritage by also helping to provide avenues for sound co-operation on the one hand and optimizing coverage of major news events on the other. As such, we operate across the spheres of videos, hard news, current affairs and also investigative features.

We are fully aware that in not being regional specific but on the contrary, embracing the whole continent and also it’s diasporan children, that it harbours both inherent challenges as well as virtues. Nevertheless, Misheck Mberi, the SHOUT–AFRICA  founder and director, remains resolutely clear about our fundamental purpose and essence:

“ In one’s deeds, activities, operations and manifestations, one has got at all times, to prove oneself   worthy of the brand name, SHOUT-AFRICA”.

SHOUT-AFRICA aims to reach out to all audiences interested in news on and about Africa by at all times attempting to provide in its quality, the latest news on the continent, by seeking to capture the moments, the experiences and the moods that collectively, make up the myriad African peoples through  culture, the arts, sports , politics, business, the environment and world news as it impacts upon the global African. In addition to our news archive and other online research tools, our news website offers users interactive options for comments in addition to a direct link on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. As structured, SHOUT-AFRICA is organized to provide both marketing and advertising opportunities for those organizations, businesses and enterprises wishing to tap the ever growing potential of the Africa wide marketplace by our giving direct access to the diverse lifestyles and  aspirations that constitute African audiences.

Simply put the core-objectives of SHOUT AFRICA can be stated as follows:

To enhance and improve news coverage of African affairs

To provide readership with reliable access to news sources in Africa

To help promote and advance the professional development of quality journalism in the continent

In addition, SHOUT-AFRICA will always give serious consideration in respects to partnering with organisations or projects that will generate credible news both for and from the continent.

Contact:  Mr Misheck Mberi

Telephone:  +447958037653

Email: m.mberi@shout-africa.com