Weekly Column: There is no harm in trying

train and railwayBy Yusuf Ganiyu Olaniran – Aside from Western Sahara that is still awaiting her independent from Spain and Morocco, all other countries or states in Africa have been independent politically, somewhat economically. Our social and religious life in Africa is not what we intend treating in this piece.

Most countries in Africa had their independent from the colonial masters more than four decades ago.Yet, not all the citizens or inhabitants of these countries are enjoying the basic or social amenities that can improve the quality of lives. Let me take you on journey into the most populous black in nation in the world, Nigeria.

Nigeria did celebrated her fifty years of independent not of nationhood.Becuase there a lot nations in the country called Nigeria today that were averagely autonomous before the advent of colonialism. Nigerian railway came into bearing about a century ago, still not all parts of the country were covered with this convenient mode of transportation that have been improved in parts of the world except Nigeria. It will not be okay if I fail to mention that the railway construction that was made about a century ago was done to facilitate and improve or promote colonialism.

This piece is making a reference to Nigeria, because the society or matter is addressed from the particular to the general and from the general to the universal, while from the universal to the general, from the general to particular. In explaining this it means, if we should get to know Africa in a minute way or to study the continent’s problem in a way, we should study Nigeria. The railway construction was done for the self-satisfied, assist-t-exploit or to plunder and transfer the raw materials from the hinterlands to the seaports. We might look at the ills of colonialism another day.Egypt, South Africa and Nigeria with other countries can come together, likeably in conjunction with the Africa Union, United Nations, European Union and so on or any developmental organization to establish a railway line or network that can convey passengers from Dakar to Addis-Ababa; from Antanarivo to Tripoli; from Rabat to Kigali.

Agreed, the continent is experiencing chaos, confusion, civil war, poverty, squalor and so on. My point and stand is that there is no harm in trying, in giving this idea to become a reality. In the coastal part of Africa, sixteen countries are members of Economic community of West African states.Accees can be gained across these countries by road, sea and by air. I wish the chair of the sub-regional organization (ECOWAS) will work it out. According to a point in a subject called commerce in secondary school. It stated clearly in this subject that the safest, cheapest, and most convenient way of transportation is the train or railway system. Mother Nature has been very kind to Africans, that our lands are not water-locked.Even, where the continent is water-locked they still have a very reliable, electronic railway system.

Kwameh Nkrumah once suggested that, there should the existence of United States of Africa; the Libyan maximum ruler Colonel Muhammer Ghadafi muted the idea of coming together of Africa countries. What cannot be achieved politically can be achieved via provision of adequate, standard social infrastructures. Despite the fact the continent is ravaged will plenty annormalies.I insist, there is no harm in trying to connect all African countries by rail.