Weekly Column: Delibrate Confusion

By Omordia, Efe Alexandra – It is rare to come across individuals who take delight in living in an unpredictable environment where the state of uncertainty extends to the most mundane but unfortunately, some mothers do have them. In some places getting running water and constant electricity is a given but in some others it is a luxury; not that anybody is complaining. Why would anybody protest when the darkness that comes about from bad supply of electricity leads to a boom for the importer of generators?  How would the individual who sells candle and lamps otherwise make a living if electricity is provided? The fact is they are people, who thrive only in an atmosphere of chaos and confusion. The long queues at the Petrol Station mean that the attendants can make money on the side from desperate motorists who are too impatient to wait for their turn. The violence and irregularities during elections ends up empowering the wrong people. Ethnic and religious propaganda help to camouflage greedy intentions. Infrastructural impasse makes room for the awarding of more and more contracts.

Discipline gives birth to order and that is an anomaly in societies where the majority always do not want to do what is right