Weekly Column: Bombs here, there and everywhere

By Omordia, Efe Alexandra – The year ended with Fireworks; not the usual kind but the kind that wasted so many lives filled with promise and expectations for the New Year. Nigeria has recorded many firsts in West Africa so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody that the nation is now making headlines for housing religious extremists and heaven knows who else. Things are not so straightforward though. One wonders why these extremists have chosen the pre-election period to make a statement or is there something that we are missing. Are disgruntled politicians hiding under the religious disharmony in the county to further their aims? They like the majority have no clear cut ideology and are capable of using whatever means they possess to achieve their selfish ambitions.

Everything is so confusing. Nobody knows who the next victim would be or what dimension the attacks may take? Innovative members of the Nigerian society may suddenly decide to go into the business of bombings. After all, kidnapping that started as a means by Niger-Delta Militants to air their grievance against the Federal Government and expatriate workers in the oil industry is today the nation’s favorite sport. God save the nation called Nigeria.