Weekly Column: Band Wagon mentality

By Omordia Efe – It is easier to do what everyone else is doing. To be different means having to stand out and not so many people have to guts to be in their own skin, warts and all but for those that have been abused, threatened, insulted, scorned etc, that looked beyond the now and concentrated on something bigger than that moment and even themselves, they have become pacesetters and trend setters in their endeavors.

Sadly, our society is populated by individuals who thrive on the opinions of others. They act in conformity with the biases of the generality and therefore things don’t change. Such individuals wonder why the basic amenities like light and water are still out of the grasp of the majority. They wonder why graduates seek endlessly for jobs; they wonder why pregnant women die on their way to hospitals to be delivered of the children in their wombs. They wonder why the wrong people are in the right places, they wonder why their salaries can’t take them half of the month, they wonder why ethnic and religious strife continue and even intensify, they wonder why the old and the childless are scorned and paid lip service to. They wonder why their children are not well taught, they wonder why the roads are badly maintained. From their space in their corner of the world where they can make a difference if they choose to, they watch and yet sadly, they do nothing.