Weekly Blogger: The Transient nature of power

By Efe Omordia – There is a saying here that goes thus “a new wife should be realistic enough to know that the cane which was used to thrash the old wife, will eventually be used on her” As sexist and as retrogressive as that sounds, it makes sense if you relate it to past and current happenings in the world. What goes around always finds a way to come around. It often happens in a way that defies logic. Hitler, for example, was at the height of power when he crashed like a pack of cards. Idi Amin held Uganda practically in the palm of his hands but not long after, nemesis caught up with him and his cronies and he had to flee the country in which he had terrorized others. So how come people like the Nigerian dictator Abacha and Samuel Doe of Liberia didn’t learn from history? I guess they were too occupied with lining their pockets to take heed.  Things are becoming increasingly difficult for the heads that wear the crown. The people are demanding for change, and they are also demanding for the heads of leaders who have no exit plans. As a result of these happenings, in the not so distant future, leadership positions may become an anathema; something that only a ‘fool’ who wants to truly serve the people would desire to occupy.