Weekly Blogger: Square pegs in no hole

By Omordia, Efe Alexandra – Choosing a course of study in a Nigerian university is neither here nor there because more often than not, one would end up working in the most inappropriate place after graduation (that is if he/she is lucky enough to find a job after applying with thousands of other disgruntled unemployed for a single miserable position). This anomaly has led to a serious lack of creativity and courtesy in the workplace (you know the look the front office executive gives that makes you feel like the most unlikable human being in the world?). An individual who graduated in the arts, for instance but who needs a job to get body and soul together will often spend the better part of the day in his or her cubicle at one financial institution or IT company watching the clock like a night guard who can’t wait for his shift to be over . Like a robot, he or she will spend time going through the motions and functioning like a puppet or a zombie. Fela Anikulapo Kuti in his famous song “Zombie” described Nigerians as Zombies who do not take action but wait for orders from above. Years after the lyrics of the song still resonate meaningfully. However, as unpopular as it may seem to “seek ye first job satisfaction” quite a number are bearing insults from friends and foes alike to live their dream even if it means that they have to eat quite a number of meals without any animal protein for a while. These groups of people have decided to hold out till they find a suitable job or till they find their element by striking out as entrepreneurs. The past and present governments in the country do not seem to be in a hurry to change the status quo by empowering more young people to make them not seek jobs but create jobs so the youngsters themselves have to stop being zombies and make things happen by looking around them and identifying a lack or a need and do something about helping others as a way to eventually and inevitably help themselves.