Weekly Blogger: So what if there is an earthquake?

By Omordia Efe – I was just looking at footage of the ruins in Japan after the recent earthquake and something struck me; it looked like the environment of a typical Nigerian/West African Neighborhood where heaps of debris is as commonplace as the incompetence of the ruling class. For the Japanese, it is devastating to see their normally decent environment looking like something the cat dragged in but if such a devastation were to occur in the most populous black nation, the indigenes would probably shrug their shoulders and go about their normal business of chasing after the often elusive water and light and at the end of the day they would go back to the slums that they call home. A cosmetic surgeon would tell you that in most cases to perform surgery he or she would have to “scar” to make more beautiful. For a surgery like breast augmentation, tissue from other parts of the body may have to be used and this obviously causes some upheaval but at the end, the result is often more attractive. The Second World War was devastating; as we all know, it caused untold pain and suffering. Germany was bombed endlessly by the Allied Forces but today as a result of the destruction, modern structures are in place and Germany is looking better than it ever did. So if by chance a hurricane decides to pay a visit to undeveloped parts of West Africa and “sweep us clean”, who knows it may well be a blessing in disguise as the leaders and the population would have no choice, but to give up their selfishness and self-centeredness and start building and rehabilitating for the general good.