Weekly Blogger: Nigerian style sycophancy

By Efe Omordia – The presidential and gubernatorial inaugurations are over and done with and it is now time for those that have painstakingly played the game of sycophancy to be appointed into positions. They deserve it because it is not an easy task to be a sycophant.

First of all, to be eligible, one has to strip away every vestige of pride.  He has to act subservient as well as foolish to make any progress. Another criteria for the individual who wants to get in the favour of the elected official of the day, is for him to totally lose his conscience. He more often than not has to succumb to some fetish initiation to even be considered. Rumors are rife on what initiations entail but I would not want to upset the sensitivities of people in other societies who may read this with details.

To have an edge over others of his kind, he also may have told a lot of untruths as well. Even if it means distorting history. These Sycophants would say all sorts to get by and I am sure it must hurt them to be labeled liars but it hurts them more to be out of the favour of whoever is in the position to appoint them. After all, they have their often greedy and insatiable families to feed.