Weekly Blog: The three wishes

By Omordia Efe – As children, most of us read about or were told stories about someone decent being granted three wishes to better his or her life. In such kinds of tales, the person who usually was a pathetic sight (not as pathetic as Arnold the former Governor of California is, I must say) would be given the opportunity to live in a huge palace, to marry the man or woman of his or her dreams and to have a chest full of gold.

Dreams or fairytales do come true if you believe, that is, so, close your eyes and imagine that a genie that has the ability to grant you three wishes is standing right in front of you.

I may not know what your three wishes will be but I am absolutely sure what your three wishes will not be. Especially if you live in the part of the world where I am writing this from.

You will never wish for what I describe as the terrible three. Let me expatiate for those that may be confused.

1.      Wish to get ill: This is something that even a Loony here will not wish for because nobody cares. Thousands of people lose their lives yearly from preventable and curable ailments like malaria, diarrhea etc.  For those that contract diseases like Cancer, HIV,  Hepatitis, Meningitis, the scenario is  lots worse

2.      Wish to get attacked by Armed Robbers: The security situation here is appalling. Cases abound of people who live very close to police stations that call for help when being robbed and the answer usually goes thus “Sorry we cannot come over, as we do not have enough fuel in our vehicle. Can you come and pick us?” The police are scared out of their pants because Armed Robbers have more sophisticated weapons.

3.       Wish to get involved in a road accident; the roads are in such a sorry state that an accident victim has a slim chance of surviving no thanks also to the nearly non-existent accident emergency service.


Have your three wishes been granted?