Thy Kingdome come

By Omordia, Efe Alexandra – Very few people on earth will ever get the chance to be totally in charge except one happens to be a combination of Osama Bin Laden and Barrack Obama (on their lucky day that is) but here in my country as well as most other parts of West Africa, we come pretty close because over the years we have become wizened (or should I say hardened) and we have learnt to imbibe the philosophy of each man for himself. We all have our kingdoms where we have to provide the basic amenities or else we may just move around on the streets in our birthday suits depending on the elements for the next step we take.

However, before anyone makes the attempt to cry more than the bereaved by what may be perceived as a betrayal of our various governments in West Africa, here is something you should think about. There is a conspiracy out there, it doesn’t matter how it is coated but it exists nonetheless. Here, we are smart enough to have an understanding with the authorities. Over the years they have been upfront about their methods and intentions i.e. the desire they possess to amass wealth for the great-grandchildren of their great-grandchildren but on the other hand, it’s taking quite a number of us out there to figure out what the World Powers and their allies or antagonists are up to. Jack Bauer (24) and Michael Scofield (Prison Break) have done their best to uncover the conspiracy but instead of taking them seriously and dragging the culprits to The Hague to explain their actions and inactions, we have ended up giving so many awards to the afore-mentioned screen actors and they in turn have become so caught up in the glitz and glamour that they have decided to give up their mission.

Word of caution  though just incase  anyone out there is foolish enough to contemplate sending me any hate mail or decides to be mean  to me in any way for speaking the truth, I just want you to inform you that it is a sheer waste of time as I have insulated myself from discomfort of any kind.  Like the smart West African citizen that I am, I have dug a personal water bore-hole, bought an 18kva generator (which will come in handy when I want to watch English Premier League Matches without being interrupted by power cuts), erected a fence that is higher than any maximum security prison (to wade off kidnappers, armed robbers and the like ) and  as a result of all these precautions I have taken, I get to say stuff I like without constantly looking over my shoulders in my little kingdom tucked away somewhere in West Africa. Tara