The House that Biggie built

By Omordia, Efe Alexandra – Reality shows have not only come to stay but from all appearances we are being haunted as well. We have become zombies, helpless addicts, drawn to endless hours of nonsense but somehow not being able to move an inch once the switch comes on, on our television screens.

There is one Reality Show in particular that is taken over the African continent and indeed the world. All it seems to promote is unhealthy hedonistic living as the continent feeds itself on a group of listless group of individuals who spend their days smoking endless cigarettes and using the “F” word like their lives depend on it. As a result of becoming an addict, I have started questioning my make-up, questioning the stuff that makes me me.  I describe that show as the show I hate to love but love it I do and so do quite a number of other people I know.  However, things are looking up in the house, serious issues are now in the front burner as alliances are being formed and for once it’s not to do with winning the price money; it is of a romantic nature as two contestants from different countries are seriously considering tying the knot. If the parties eventually do, it will give the show a level of respectability and the contestants will be taken more seriously by viewers.

Our wish in the West African Sub region is that we should be taken more seriously too especially by the rest of the world; that our leaders should not be viewed as a bunch of irresponsible individuals who have no plans beyond lining up their pockets and that of their relatives; that the average inhabitant should not be seen as someone who waits for others to make things happen for him or her. However, to reach that enviable height, some major alliances and adjustments have to be made by all of us just like the two lovebirds in the house that ‘Biggie’ built have done. Our religious and ethnic differences have to put aside as this will enable us grow. We have to start thinking about the future by setting up permanent structures that will ginger the teeming population to initiate innovative ideas and services that will be exported beyond the borders of the West African Sub-Region. That will make us highly sought after and respected by the rest of the world.