Tanzania: Many die on the wait as Tanzania HIV cure is halted

By Special Correspondent, Dar es Salaam – Rev. Ambikile Mwasapile who is conducting mysterious herbal cure in Loliondo area, Arusha region has advised people from all over the world who are flocking to his village to halt their travels until he finishes with the already congested scene.

Ambilikile Mwasapile the healer
Ambilikile Mwasapile the healer

Reverend Mwasapile, 76, issued the statement on Sunday amid reports that more than 50 people have died around the areas while on the way to get a cup of herbal cure which is believed to treat all critical ailments including HIV/AIDS and diabetes.

Eyewitness from the highway to the Samunge village where the Reverend is resided has confirmed to Shout-Africa that corpses of dead people were seen in some bushes as nobody was ready to bury them.

With rainfall falling in the area, reports say many cars have been stranded in the muddy road as the queue now stand for about 50 kilometers.

“I have noted the human crisis that is emerging and since God has bestowed upon me the power to cure, I don’t want to cause much more trouble. I advise all people who are planning to come to postpone until I finish with the crowd already here,” said the Reverend.

Though medical experts have expressed concerns about the efficacy of the herbal treatment, many people from Tanzania and abroad are flocking to the area with more success stories coming out.

In his interview with a national broadcaster, Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), A District Commissioner confirmed of getting relieved of diabetes as a Vunjo MP in Kilimanjaro region, Augustine Mrema, confirmed also of getting back his power to deal with corrupt leaders after getting the herbal cup and he will soon instruct his medical doctor to reveal his diabetic status so that people may hear the truth.