Stray Brit Fan Calls England Football Team “a disgrace.”

Shout-Africa Sports – CAPE TOWN – An England fan who breached security to get into the team’s dressing room after their lacklustre 0-0 draw with Algeria told them: “You are a disgrace”, according to tabloid, the Sunday Mirror.

Pavlos Joseph, 32, said he was looking for the toilet after the game when he mistakenly found his way into the dressing room in Cape Town, where he stumbled upon David Beckham and a naked Joe Cole.

England fans
England fans

“Suddenly David spoke. He took a step towards me and said, ‘Whoa, who are you?'” Joseph told the paper.

“I said, I’m Pavlos and I actually need the toilet.’ For a moment, no-one said a word. Then I thought, What the heck. I’m in the England dressing room. Why not say something?’

“I looked David straight in the eye and said, David, we’ve spent a lot of money getting here. This is a disgrace. What are you going to do about it?'”

Joseph managed to add that the team’s performance was “woeful and not good enough” before being told to leave by an official, he said.

Beckham brushed off the incident Saturday, saying it had been “blown out of proportion”.

“He didn’t comment on the performance. He literally walked in, said hello,” the star, who is not playing at the tournament, told reporters.