Zimbabwe’s GPA principles to meet SADC troika

By Misheck Rusere – The official opening of the SADC headquarters in the Botswana capital on Saturday will coincide with the meeting of the regional bloc’s troika on Politics, Defence and Security in the same city.

Zimbabwe’s political affairs are however expected to take center stage ahead of other priorities as the country face serious political problems emanating from the three principals signatory to the GPA.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has ever since the formation of the Inclusive Government accused President Mugabe of unilateralism while the later has also accused the former of his failure to call for the unconditional lifting of the western imposed sanctions on him and his party officials.

Recently President Mugabe called for the holding of elections in the first half of next year saying chances of renewing the life of the two year coalition with the two MDC formations were next to none.

President Mugabe has ever since maintained that he has the excutive powers veted in him hence his actions are above board. The President and the Prime Minister have not met since October 4 because of the stalemate. “We don’t see eye to eye in cabinet. We don’t look at each other. The MDC has given up on Mugabe because of his continued violation of the GPA and early elections are the best option,” said Tsvangirai recently to his supporters.

George Charamba, President Mugabe’s spokesperson, confirmed to a local paper yesterday that ‘the Troika would meet on the sidelines of the official opening of the SADC headquarters.’

“There will be a SADC Troika which will precede the opening of the SADC headquarters. They are taking advantage of the main programme,” he told Newsday.

It is expected that the elections issue of Zimbabwe will top the agenda at the troika meeting. President Mugabe has called for the holding of elections by March 2011 with Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC giving a nod to the call while Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara’s party has not responded with a comfortable voice to the call.