Zimbabwe: ZanuPF accused of running a parallel government using national resource

By Barnabas Masimba – The mainstream MDC has accused its partner in the shaky coalition government Zanu PF of using Zimbabwe’s rich minerals deposits to run a parallel government at the expense of national development.

Briefing journalists after a closed door meeting at MDC-T offices on Friday with the Minister of Water Resources and Management Samuel Sipepa Nkomo and the Bulawayo City Council Deputy Mayor Amen Mpofu on the challenges faced by the residents, Provincial Chairman Gorden Moyo took a shot at the former ruling party.

Moyo also Minister of Parastatals and State Enterprises said Zanu PF’s unreserved and clandestine plundering of mineral resources for own gains had made it almost impossible to address challenges faced by the Zimbabweans.

“There are no resources in this government and some of the resources that we have are used in parallel government because Zanu PF runs one,” said Moyo.

 “They run a parallel government in the sense that the funds that are coming from Chiyadzwa in Marange and other various platinum mineral sources in the country is not going to the Treasury, the Finance Ministry or even to the Consolidated Revenue Fund,” he said.

 “If those funds were coming to government, surely we would resolve the issue”.

Zanu PF runs a parallel government where they have a parallel Finance Minister who is holding on to all these funds from the mining sector,” the minister claimed.

Moyo said the coalition government was not helping in any way.

“We have policy discourse in this government. We have policy inconsistence. There are a number of policies that have been crafted and have not been implemented.

That’s why we want an MDC administration because this Zanu PF kind of government led is not helping anything.”

 Moyo further took a dig at Zanu PF which he said was a wandering party.

“We know our partners in government they are insincere, they indicate left but they turn right and we are aware of those conspiracies. We see whatever they are doing but we have our own means of dealing with them.”

Moyo’s claims follows Zanu PF’s recent crafting of a Copac draft Constitution despite the fact that, they   participated and just like any other party equally contributed to the whole constitution making process.

Leader of the smaller MDC faction Welshman Ncube recently described Zanu PF as “high on weed” after they denied the contested COPAC draft Constitution which the two MDC formations have already endorsed.