Zimbabwe should chart own way forward- Loen Hartwell

By Alfred Tembo – A South African based independent analyst has said Zimbabwe should pave way for peace and also clean their own house without involvement of outsiders.

Leon Heartwell

Leon Heartwell

Leona Hartwell cited that Zimbabwe has a remarkable political maturity that other countries wish also to emulate but because of what is on the ground Zimbabwe cannot be regarded as a living example.

In an interview with Shout-Africa.com at Gweru Memorial Library, on Wednesday the renowned political analyst, said instead of involving mediators from other foreign countries Zimbabwe knows their own problems hence the need to negotiate amongst themselves.

“Dialogue is the only key to accelerate and solve the issues affecting Zimbabwe.” he said.

Hartwell’s word of advices comes at a time when Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangira’s blame on former South African former President Thabo Mbeki for causing MDC to split in his truce with Welshman Ncube in 2005. This was revealed in Tsvangirai’s newly published book “At the Deep End”.

Hartwell also said elections were not going to solve the current Zimbabwean political differences instead the current government should come up with modalities that allow peaces to prevail to intensive negotiations.

“The last election was for Zimbabwe’s first stint to turn a new leaf in the politically polarized environment that would support a peaceful engagement from the violent past to a peaceful future.

”Zimbabwean leaders should now commit themselves to dialogue as this will lead to a conclusive common ground, that will see Zimbabwe working again” he said.

Zanu Pf big wig were are also to blame for uttering untamed words that inflicts violence now and then.

“There are people in the security force that have publicly announced that they will not salute MDC president, should any be voted in to the next election.

“This alone is an indication that elections are not going to be Zimbabwe’s possible solution to unify the political parties, hence they is need for negations to amicably chart on the most formal and possible way forward that will resolve the differences rather than involving external voices.” he deliberated.

On National Healing Organ Hartwell said the GPA seems a perfect document, it needs to be revisited since for some important issues were overlooked in its drafting.

“The Healing Organ is regarded by the majority ineffective following its failure to substantiate and weld in productive existence by not addressing matters of compensation, justice, immunity, amnesty, among other important issues” he further commented.