Zimbabwe: Minister appeals for peace ahead of elections

By Alfred Tembo – ZIMBABWEANS are the best possible solutions to the country and continental challenges currently hampering progressive reforms that would put to an end to poverty and leadership crisis, said Minister of State Enterprise and Parastatals, Gorden Moyo.

Speaking during a Ministers Forum that was organized by Gweru Agenda, Moyo said, “Currently Zimbabwe is under a spell of greediness, monopoly, leadership crisis, lies by leaders and corruption which has resulted in high unemployment rates, economic problems.

“Solution to these problems is not in leadership or external intervention but in our minds, as Zimbabweans we can generate the much needed solution to make Zimbabwe get back to its feet again as the bread basket of Africa.

“And we can only attain this pride through a peaceful election. Malawi and Zambia took a lead for us to follow through their obedience of the rule of law while Ivory Coast taught us the lesson on the results of violating the rule of law. The most burdening part is in Zimbabwe we our leaders are failing to learn from these lessons by going against the currency of these laws.” said Moyo.

The afro-optimism minister said Zimbabweans have solution for the prosperity of their country and Africa at large, it is high time Zimbabwe put to an end the mentality that all should be done and controlled from Harare.

“A constitution without devolution of power will be a sad story for Zimbabwe and for Africa. Today in the country there monopoly in the country because someone has fear for the unknown, dinosaur are extinct today because they could not adopt to changes as a result these politicians clinging to power will die and their stories go untold.”

The minister bemoaned lack of transparency prevailing citing that proceeds repeat from Chiadzwa diamond field a keep secret a thing that should come to an end if the Zimbabwean really wish to see the country’s economy revived.

“As it stands, l do not even know how much has been made through the sales of diamond from Chiadzwa, this really has to be corrected for Zimbabwe to revitalize its once vibrant economical status.

“Transparency has for long swept under the carpet by such leaders who have run and failed the government for over two decades.” He commented.

However Moyo said should devolution survive to see light of the day it will allow governors to be elected in a democratic manner through the ballot rather than handpicked by a protective individual with a lot to hide in their cupboards. Among the other benefit, the minister highlighted on developmental impact that can be brought about such as construction of road and effective resources utilization in a transparently.