Zimbabwe: Judge dismisses MDC application to challange a ban on their Glamis Arena rally

By Misheck Rusere – A High Court Judge has dismissed an application by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)  challenging a ban on their rally which was due to be held today (Saturday) at the Glamis Arena.

Justice George Chiweshe who is also a known Zanu (PF) apologist handed down his judgment with reasons for the dismissal to follow, this morning after the MDC had filled an urgent chamber application. Meanwhile several  members of the Movement for democratic Change (MDC) have been assaulted and others abducted by rowdy Zanu (PF) supporters after the later turned up for a star rally organised by the party. The Zanu (PF) Harare province today launched its anti-sanctions campaign which clashed with the MDC‘s postponed rally resulting in the rowdy supporters of the revolutionary party unleashing violence on their rivals.

The party’s secretary general Tendai Biti told journalists just outside the high court that his party had postponed the rally to next week Saturday with or without authority. Biti blasted the police for working in a partisan manner in favour of one party at the expense of another.

“Several of our supporters have been badly assaulted with some having been abducted in the full glare of the police; we are still trying to establish their whereabouts. It is very unfortunate that the police are now being used as one party’s vuvuzela in blocking MDC meetings. “I can tell you that our party indicated to the police that it intended to use the Glamis arena and they told us that Zanu (PF) had booked the venue for the whole year, we indicated that we would then use the freedom square, the open space between rainbow towers and Harare Magistrate’s court and they told us again that a certain unnamed party had booked the venue, we opted for the Zimbabwe grounds the also told us that Zanu (PF) had booked the venue for the whole year however Harare Mayor Muchadei Masunda has  submitted a signed affidavit to the effect that no such bookings took place,” said Biti.

Most of the assaulted MDC members and supporters sought refuge at the party’s headquarters at Harvest house and this reporter had the opportunity to interview some of them who chronicled their experience at the hands of Zanu (PF) thugs who severely assaulted them using very thick sticks and stones.

“I came form Norton for the star rally; I went to Glamis where I later read that the people were actually Zanu (PF) supporters. I made a u-turn but some of the youths grabbed me by my blouse and asked why I was now going back. I indicated to them that I had not come for the rally but just passing by and they asked me about their party structures which I don’t know and the started assaulting me until I became unconscious, I only woke up to find myself here,” said a lady who declined to be named from Norton.

The MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said there had been several causalities but could not give figures saying the number was still rising. Zanu (PF) is known for their brute violence which they have employed in every election to force people to accept their rule and leadership. The MDC claims that more than 200 of its supporters died during the violent 2008 election which saw President Mugabe win a lone race after the withdrawal of MDC citing politically motivated violence.