Zimbabwe: “Development should be every Zimbabwean’s concern”

By Shout-Africa.com Correspondent – President Robert Mugabe’s habitual naming and tagging the “minority group” of the Zimbabwean community as “pig and dogs” has been condemned by the Dutch envoy in what she described as a violation of human rights.

Ambassador of Royal Netherlands, Barbara Joziasse said there are lots of areas of real concerns rather than “politicking and misleading masses” of Zimbabweans, on the side-lines of the Gweru Press Club.

The 88 year old octogenarian leader who is holding firmly on mileage acquired from attacking homosexuals  accuses western countries for sponsoring the “new constitution initiative” in a bid to manipulate the charter by attempting smuggle in the legalisation of homosexuality, clauses which she said should rather not be politicised.

Joziasse said, “Zimbabwe has a lot of serious developmental issues at its disposal to deal with, ranging food security, investment and development among other aspects of concern.

“There is need for politicians to deal with food security, and solve the bread and butter issues at once. Development should be every Zimbabwean’ concerning issue at all levels,”.

The Dutch native denied commenting on the going Zimbabwe constitution, a development she distanced herself from citing that as an alien to the nation what matters most to her might not be a concern to Zimbabweans.

“Zimbabwean no better on what to include in the constitution, hence the onus lies upon you, “What could be concerns in my view could be found pertinent,” added Joziasse.

She however said Zimbabwean should be masters of their destine by putting together a charter that would serve in their interest and meet their demands than allowing externals chip in with information that would later be amended.

The ambassador added, “Constitutional issue should be a Zimbabwean crisis that would better be solved by Zimbabwean themselves. It would be easy to point fingers at other people, when problems.”