Zambia: Sunday Chanda dares opposition parties

Zambia’s ruling Patriotic Front (PF) read a riot act to the country’s political opposition community cautioning them to avert from a culture of lies, and plea of sympathy from international community charging that the country needs constructive criticism and politics of issues.

PF has been, focusing its energies towards infrastructural development in various sectors comprising of health, transport, and communication, energy generation, education and promotion of small to medium enterprises to enhance domestic and regional trade for the country among other critical openings amid efforts of substantial local currency again.

Patriotic Front media director, Sunday Chanda

Patriotic Front media director, Sunday Chanda

Speaking in Lusaka, PF media director, Sunday Chanda told opposition parties in the country to rise to the occasion by focusing their energies towards constructive issues that bring about development in the country.

Chanda said PF has demonstrated its quality and abilities towards delivering the much-anticipated development infrastructure, unlocking investment opportunities, stimulating job creation and economic stability the country has been hungering for.

Chanda stated that should the opposition parties in the country desire to, “Challenge us, and let that be politics of issues, if corruption is the issue you want to discuss come with evidence.”

“If you want to discredit every development that goes to the Zambian people, that becomes very unfortunate, and leave it to the people to be the judges at the end of the day.

“He who comes for equity comes with clean hands.”

He said the opposition should step up and provide alternatives where the ruling party has failed adding that, “We know for sure that the country’s opposition has become a congregation of arm chair critic, because it has appeared to be an easy job that anybody can do but go beyond criticism and provide up with alternatives to earn credibility in the eyes of the people.”

Chanda explained that, “Zambian people should understand if there is need for a cure to our democracy system.

“It is in this country that we have an opposition that will go to other countries to tell lies about his own country to impress his funders.

“Regardless of political affiliations, Zambians should hold politicians liable, if politicians are going to dent this county’s image then it becomes retrogressive.”

Chanda however invited former chief government spokesperson, Chishimba Kambwili to avail evidence there are some spoiled eggs in President Edgar Lungu’s cabinet.

Kambwili who today disparages President Lungu is a former bootlicker who was not long ago the country’s most powerful politician. But following a season of frost relations with the head of state, he was unceremoniously expelled from the party he was involved in establishing and a government position he was appointed as the minister of information and broadcasting services for indiscipline and sponsoring activities to destabilised the ruling party.