Uneasy calm returns after Kenya attack leaves 41 dead

By Mark Oloo in East Africa – Uneasy calm has returned to Kenya’s coastal district of Tana Delta after tribal skirmishes left 41 people dead at the weekend.

Youth stand on guard with spears yesterday in Kenya's Tana Delta District where tribal clashes have claimed 41 lives

Youth stand on guard with spears yesterday in Kenya’s Tana Delta District where tribal clashes have claimed 41 lives

Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo visited the troubled district together with the country’s security top brass and spoke tough, warning that merchants of impunity would be subjected to the full force of the law.

The area has been tense as fighting between the Pokomo and Orma tribes continue over what many have attributed to conflicts over scarce resources.

On Saturday, 41 people, including children, were hacked to death as the rivals attacked each other with crude weapons. Several people were also injured and have been recuperation at local dispensaries.

Kimaiyo, who was sworn into office on Monday, said no stone would be left unturned and that security forces would work day and night to weed out criminal elements.

“We are determined to end these senseless attacks not only in Tana but in any other operational areas,” he told the media. Less than three months ago, similar retaliatory attacks in the Tana region left more than 50 people dead.

Meanwhile, residents of the troubled area have called on the Government to beef up security ahead of the General Elections slated for March 4 next year. They said the campaign periods could usher in further security challenges.

“We need an assurance from the new police boss that we will be safe throughout the electioneering period. We are afraid goon will take advantage of the political campaigns to unleash terror,” Anita Ali Subow told Shout-Africa in Mombasa, adding: “We have literally fled from home for fear of attacks.”