Uganda government increases investigations towards UUPF

By  J Tebyasa – From information supplied to, it is rumoured that since the recent discussion the Uganda United Pro-democracy Forum (UUPF) in the Ugandans London open debate held on 11-November-2011 at Durning Hall, East London, the Uganda government has increased its investigation towards UUPF.

This group which is widely known as an inter-party alliance and an advocate for democracy in Uganda is sending panic to the Uganda government. It is believed to have branches in other European countries.  The UK branch being chaired by Moses Kiwanuka and other members include Salah Male, J Okech G Kawalya, Major Kigozi and many others.

It is more to do with the strategy adopted by the group of uniting all Uganda opposition parties plus independent coupled with its swift growth is worrying the government.