Uganda Fomer LRA negotiator Matsanga snatches deal with Kenya’s President

By Nangayi Guyson , Shout-Africa reporter in Kampala Uganda -Uganda’s former LRA negotiator David Matsanga  who now sees Kenya as the only country where his career can be promoted , has again snatched a chance of being hired by the Kenyan government to act as a consultant to the presidency, according to Africa intelligence website.


David Matsanga
David Matsanga

David Matsanga was  a former advisor to Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe but only fell out with some elements in Mugabe’s government in 2002  when he flew into Harare with a Sky News TV crew to shoot an interview with the President and make documentaries on the country’s land reforms.

He claimed he  was unjustly tortured by Mugabe’s secret police who not only assaulted him but stole his £645 gold wrist watch, his  flight tickets as well as the cash that was on him – US$173 and £1700,” Matsanga said in an interview in Surrey.

The productions, according to Matsanga, were meant to dispel the negative international news coverage of events in Zimbabwe since Mugabe began the chaotic and bloody seizures of white-owned commercial farms in February 2000.

Matsanga’s life journey

David Matsanga was born in 1957 in  Bududa  which was then Mbale District in  Eastern Uganda, he has eight grown-up children and some grandchildren.

Matsanga’s childhood symbolized what he his future will be, at his early age, he joined  politics, became very active in eastern Uganda but only fled the country in 1985 when Milton Obote was overthrown.

He has stayed in London for over 25 years.

According to Matsanga’s statements , in 1997, when he was on his way to a Commonwealth meeting, which was taking place in the United Kingdom, Matsanga met  Dr. James Obita, one of the LRA who asked him to do public relations for the Uganda’s LRA rebel movement  and started to work for LRA, he resigned several times from the rebel movement.

But subsequently, Matsanga became the negotiator for the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA, Ugandan rebel movement) in the peace talks in 2008 but again he resigned from the LRA peace talks negotiation team in  Southern Sudan capital Juba calling Kony a lair after he refused the agreement.

Many people in Uganda  believe Matsanga is not a true political activist but only looks for easy means of getting  money from African governments, recently, Matsanga appeared on Kenya’s capital talk show of which the videos was were  uploaded on You-tube and even on his Africa world media website based in Nairobi Kenya, this talk show encouraged angry majority criticizers to react negatively to his career.

Matsanga who has been against  the Ugandan government for over 23 years since he fled the country, is now trying to build the relationship with  President Yoweri Museveni .

His relationship with the Ugandan President comes after he was given Amnesty 3- June-2010 in Kenya, since then, he has tried to friendship the government.

There are evidences that when President Museveni and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe blamed the west  over Libyan intervention, Matsanga wrote an article  praising President Museveni for accusing Western countries.

When “walk to work” protests started in Kampala later spread to many other towns , Matsanga was silent, but when President Museveni appeared on the media to delivery an  economic lecture, Matsanga wrote a 24 paragraph article which was posted on his Africa World media  website assuring President Museveni that he will continue to seek silent diplomacy  over “walk to work” protests.

Do you think Uganda’s former LRA negotiator David Matsanga Nyekorach is a freedom fighter, nationalist , political activists as  he calls himself?

Do you think he has love for his country and can do anything good for it?