Tanzania President Launches Parliament As Opposition Walks Out

By Shout-Africa Correspondent, Dar es Salaam – The fourth Tanzanian President, Jakaya launched his second term National Assembly Yesterday (Thursday evening) amid dramatic scenes following an unprecedented decision of the main opposition party, Chadema, to walk outside the Parliamentary House in the political capital of Dodoma.

The decision of the opposition party follows its stance to reject the presidency of Jakaya Kikwete over claims of massive rigging in the last October presidential and parliamentary election which was applauded as “free and fair” by most external observers with one internal observer mission branding it as “free but not fair,” mainly faulting the counting and announcing of results

“Hon. Speaker, as tradition let me start by thanking God…” The President begun his speech, but suddenly the main opposition block MPs lead by Chadema’s national chairman and leader of the opposition camp, MP for Hai Constituent, Freeman Mbowe, piled outside amid boos from the ruling party, CCM, MP’s.

In a recorded speech that was posted later on the day, Chadema presidential candidate, Dr. Wilbroad Slaa, who was defeated by Kikwete by a 61% to 26% margin applauded his party MP’s decision saying the move was the begging of more passive resistances to Kikwete’s government that he alleged climbed back into power through a fault electoral process.

“We cannot mince words on this. We have evidence to support our claims that the announced results by the National Electoral Commission do not represent what the people voted in the general election. We will be calm, we won’t opt for violent measure, but we shall go all around the country to tell the people what happened,” said Dr. Slaa in his YouTube posted 10 minutes video.

President Kikwete, however, promised to work with and for all Tanzanians in developing the East African nation, enlisted as among poor nation despite the presence of huge mineral deposits and abundant fertile lands.

President Kikwete outlined about 13 priority areas emphasizing on massive investment in the agriculture, fishing and medium entrepreneurial sectors and promised to unite the nation.

“I want to form a government which will work for all people, including those who have not elected CCM in the past general Election. We know that they have no other government so they will go forth and back, I’m their President too,” he said.