Tanzania finally withdrawals controversial Constitution Review Bill

By Own Correspondent, Dodoma – The draft Constitution Reform Bill, which caused debates across the country has now been officially removed from the Parliamentary process, Speaker of the House, Ms. Anne Makinda confirmed here.

Earlier sources close to the government hinted that the government was forced to send it back to the chief drafter following massive resistance to the Bill in both sides of the Union-Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar Isles. The Bill which was under the parliamentary Legal, Constitutional and Public Administration Committee for internal deliberations, the information showed, will be sent back to the government in order to incorporate stakeholder’s opinions.

Until yesterday the government had shown all signs of stopping the Bill to be discussed in the House as planned from next Monday. Yesterday, the Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda on a question-answer session, indicated the governments’ readiness to consider public opinion deeply and said the certificate of urgency on the Bill was removed.

“On the issue of the constitutional review, I may not have any direct answers now but as government, we shall be considerate and take advice responsibly since the Bill is for the public good,” said Mr. Pinda when responding to a question from the leader of the opposition camp, Freeman Mbowe.

Announcing the decision shortly today, the Speaker said now the Bill will be drafted in a way to consider the opinions of the people, give room for wider consultations and cause it to be translated into Kiswahili. “We hope this will ease the tensions that ushered and Tanzanians will now be given ample time and space to discuss it with all sense of oneness,” said the Speaker amid applause from the MPs. The main opposition party Chadema has immediately suspended its nationwide demonstrations against the Bill.