Members of Somali Parliament approve the newly elected Prime Minister

By Farhan Jama Somalia- Members of Parliament on Sunday approved named Prime Minister Farmajo.

Members voted by hand up ballot which 391 members attended and 297 accepted while 92 rejected and 2 were silent.

“I hereby declare Mr Mohamed Abdillahi as the prime minister of Somalia” Sharif Hassan parliament speaker told the members of parliament.

The approval of the Prime Minister was held after a dispute between members of the parliament and their counterpart, President Shekh Sharif Sheekh Ahmed and the Speaker of Parliament Sharif Hassan Sheekh Aadan.

The speaker told the members to conduct approval on vote of secret ballot. Besides that the President urged members to approve hand up ballot after fearing behind the secret ballot “might reject the election of the Prime Minister“, said President Sheikh Sharif Sheek Ahmed.

After weeks of dispute between members in different method of an approval vote, on Sunday the new Prime Minister was approved  by a majority to be the prime minister of Somalia.

Mr Mohamed was named by the president Sheikh Sharif Sheekh Ahmed two weeks ago after resignation in September of Omer Abdirashid Sharmarke.