Liberia: Bong County Citizens Pledge Support To Hon. J. Mike Kollie

By Augustine N. Myers – Ahead of Liberia’s General and Presidential Elections expected to take place in October, 2011, citizens of Bong County have reiterated their unflinching support to the candidacy of Hon. J. Mike Kollie, Junior Senatorial Aspirant of the County.


Hon. J. Mike Kollie (middle with glasses), Senatorial  Aspirant for Bong County, along with other citizens

Hon. J. Mike Kollie (middle with glasses), Senatorial Aspirant for Bong County, along with other citizens

In a statement of Support by thousands of the citizens under the banner of Concern Citizens of Bong County, they described Hon. Kollie as a prominent Bong County citizen and said they do hereby identify themselves with him, as he has always done for them, in his strive to become the next Senator of the County.

Speaking about his education, the Concern Bong County Citizens said Hon. Kollie started his primary education at the Firestone plantation School, and later matriculated to the St. Augustine’s High School where he graduation with honors, and later enrolled and graduated from the Cuttington University Collage (CUC).

The Citizens said because of his excellent performance at Cuttington, and his proven ability to serve his Country in the future, Hon. Kollie benefited a foreign scholarship from the Liberian government to obtain his masters degree

in Business Administration at the New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut, the United States of Liberia.


Hundreds of Bong County Citizens continue to pledge  Support to the senatorial aspiration of Hon. J. Mike Kollie
Hundreds of Bong County Citizens continue to pledge Support to the senatorial aspiration of Hon. J. Mike Kollie

On the issue of love for his people, the concern Bong County Citizens said, upon the completion of his studies in January of 1990, Hon. Kollie could not return home due to the outbreak of hostilities which led to years of civil crisis.

But according to the citizens, despite the civil crisis, Hon. Kollie did not give up on his determination to care for his fellow Liberians and his Country.

According to them on January 7, 1992, Hon. Kollie made his first trip to Liberia. They said the road blocking Monrovia from Greater Liberia then, was opened on January 9, two days after his arrival. Against the advice of his friends at the time in Monrovia, the citizens pointed out that Hon. Kollie went to see his people in Gbarnga, Bong County on January 11, 1992.

They further said, such action at the time did not only demonstrate bravery and courage on the part of Hon. Kollie, but a true desire to identify and sympathize with his people and County.

They also said, after that trip and since 1992, Hon. Kollie has made countless trips to Liberia and Bong County from the United States, “Sometimes making three trips in a single year back home to see his people”.

The Bong Citizens noted that during those trips, Hon. Kollie provided his people with hope for their future, courage to live on, and different kinds of donation and opportunities.

The Concern Bong Citizens said all through the years, Hon. Kollie established scholarship funds to enable students attend various Liberian High Schools and Universities.


Chiefs and Elders of Bong County present kola nuts to Hon. J. Mike Kollie, as a sign of love and appreciation
Chiefs and Elders of Bong County present kola nuts to Hon. J. Mike Kollie, as a sign of love and appreciation

They further disclosed that Hon. Kollie employed many of the people to work for him in different areas of business. Moreover they said Hon. Kollie has provided means and opportunities for some of the people to relocate to the United States, and that most of the people lived with him for a period of time before getting on their feet.

This action of Hon. Kollie, has provided for his people the most needed financial means to support their local economic activities, the Bong citizens assert.

They commanded Hon. Kollie for his efforts to improve the conditions of his people, because according to them, most of the Liberian people he took to the United States are now actively working and supporting their respective families back home, and also assisting their people back home to join them.

They further extolled Hon. Kollie for demonstrating a professional leadership  style. They recounted that between 1991 and 1995, Hon. Kollie manged the Yankee Inn Hotel (now Econolog), located in the West Haven, Connecticut, USA. They said he has employed many of his fellow Liberians to work. According to them, like in Liberia, most Liberians in America affectionately call him Uncle Mike, if not a Senator.

On the issue of his Senatorial dream, the Concerned Citizens of Bong County said in 1996, Hon. Kollie campaigned in parts of Bong County for the 1997 Presidential and General Elections as an Independent candidate for a seat in the Senate for Bong County. But according to them, because Liberia was still at war and unsaved for political aspirants to campaign across the Nation, it was generally agreed by the International Community to make Liberia a one constituent for the purpose of those elections, making him to withdraw his candidacy from the 1997 elections.

They further said that Hon. Kollie was qualified by the Nations Elections Commission to register and campaign as an independent candidate for a Senatorial seat of Bong County, but yet because of some personal business, he did not participate in the last elections.


Hon. J. Mike Kollie Interacts with Citizens of Bong County
Hon. J. Mike Kollie Interacts with Citizens of Bong County

The Citizens joyfully said, now that Hon. Kollie is fit and ready to participate in the upcoming 2011 General and Presidential Elections, the people of Bong County overwhelmingly endorsed and petitioned him on February 4, 2011, to contest for the Senate.

Commenting on his Agenda, the Concern citizens of Bong County described as acceptable the Platform and plan of Hon. J. Mike Kollie.

They further welcomed part of his plan which is designed to decentralize, simplify and make transparent economic, educational and social activities of Liberia.

They also pointed out that with his firm believe that when the power of government is substantially relegated to the people, development can be enhanced, thus making it equally possible to handle the rampant corruption which exists in the Liberian society.

Finally on the issue of their endorsement, the Concern Citizens of Bong County said as Bong County citizens representing the six Districts of the County, they therefore endorse Hon. Kollie as the Senatorial candidate they want, noting that they will always stand by him.

The citizens comprising the Chief, Elder, Youth, Women and Student Communities, among others, promised that they will campaign for Hon. Kollie across the County to ensure the fulfillment and realization of their quest of making him their Senator.

They told Hon. Kollie during the official endorsement ceremony in Bong County, that their decision is based on the fact that they believe in him.

According to them, as an elder and an eminent citizen of Bong County, Hon. Kollie is very qualified to serve in such capacity.

The further said Hon. Kollie has the requisite international and political experience.

The Concern Bong County Citizens said Hon. Kollie is best favored for the Senate because he currently enjoys his own economic, material, and educational capacity to do the job as a Senator.

Hon. Kollie accepted the request and endorsement of his candidacy for the Senatorial seat of Bong County.

He promised to always justify the confidence reposed in him, in the full interest of Bong County in particular, and Liberia in general.

Hon. J. Mike Kollie is a prominent Liberian Statesman, and a stalwart of the ruling Unity Party (UP).