HEADLINE: SOMALI PRESIDENT named new Prime Minister

By Farhan Jama – Somali President Shek Sharif named new prime minister on Thursday. Prime Minister Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed replaced Sharmarke who was elected during the reconciliation in Djibouti. The Prime Minister Mohamed is named after Sharmarke resigned last month.

Mohamed Abdillahi worked in the Somali embassy in Washington from 1985 to 1988. He has conflict resolution and leadership skills, according to his resume he is mastery degree in political science from sunny-buffalo University.

The resigned prime minister was a former diplomat and he was believed that he would make change to make abridge reconciliation between government and islamist. His appointment is an attempt to resolve Somalis 18years old conflict.

“I will continue to promote reconciliation and create sense of unity among Somalis” Sharmarke said.

This shows many Prime Minister’s are promised to end the conflict in Somalia, but who will win to succeed in what he has promised to the community?

Somalia had been without an effective government since 1991, the country has since found its self at the center of conflicts that cost huge loss to life and property as well as displaced over millions people.