EU reserves the right to scrape off sanctions on Zimbabwe

By Alfred Tembo – European Union (EU) will continue with the its reservations for the removal on sanctions targeting on Zimbabwe until agenda of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) of 2009 are full executed says a representative from the EU member states.

Speaking in Gweru on Monday, Ambassador of Royal Netherlands Barbara Joziasse told journalist that Zimbabwe is working in commendable direction towards replenishing of obligations outlined in the GPA for what the country is expected to accomplish before the EU can take its steps in deciding on the removal of sanctions.

“Zimbabwe has taken steps into the right directions they have started to have positive dialogue,” said ambassador Joziasse. The Zimbabwean fate on complete removal on sanctions hinges in the air ahead of the country strategy paper that EU is working on and expected before the year ends.

The former deputy director of foreign trade and Investment in the Netherland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs described Zimbabwe as the number one country in the world in natural resource said her country business community has the capacity to invest in the country yet the Indigenisation Act has deterred many investors.

“Investors want to operate in a country where they feel safe the Dutch want to bring in more companies for investments.

“As it is in Netherland we are interested in partnering with local but only those who want to put money or expertise not just any one” said the diplomat who doubles as an economy expert.

Although the Government of National Unity Zimbabwe (GNU) which has been described as a failed attachment of convenience that has in the past four years failed to translate its promises into a reality for the ordinary Zimbabweans. As a county, Zimbabwe’s preparedness to re-engage with the international community will only be measured by its principal who are expected to team up and work towards complying with the demands of EU which will be measured in the forth coming constitutional referendum which are expected to be conducted under violence free and credible circumstances.

Strengthen the spirit of working together she said EU will continue with an embargo on weapons, travel ban and asset freeze as the union continues assessing the transitions in the country.

“Things are changing for positive of cause it goes slowly and it takes time,” said Joziasse.