Opinion: Why Black folks were abused and degraded by other races Part 7 of 10


(First Draft completed on April 12, 2011; to be revised.) Click here for Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Part 5, Part 6 – By Ozodi Thomas Osuji – The implication of quantum mechanics and the story of creation that I narrated above is that there is conscious mind in the universe that measures what is happening in the world of matter, space and time. That conscious mind is both outside the world of space, time and matter (as spirit) as well as inside it (as us). That conscious mind influences what it measures and observes. That conscious mind brings forth what it observes. Nothing exists until conscious mind decides to observe it, understand it, and experience it.

This means that human beings as part of that universal consciousness invent the world we observe, the world we live in. The world we see and live in is our invention; the world does not exist apart from our minds. The world and what happens in it are ideas in our minds, ideas we project out and see as if they are independent of our thinking. The external world is a dream projected out by our collective sleeping and dreaming minds.

At the individual level each of us, as part of all of us, project out the world he sees and experiences. The world you see, the world I see is our projection; the world does not exist apart from us, the observers of that world.  Whatever happens to you, happens to me, and to every individual is produced by the individual’s and our collective minds working in tandem. If one wants a different experience one must think different thoughts. However, since we are joined the thoughts of other persons also affect one and what one experiences.

There are no external persons for us to blame for what happens to us and for the state of the world for we invented the world we see and live in. if we desire a happy and peaceful world we have to love ourselves and all people. On the other hand, if we desire a conflict ridden world we hate each other.

Our minds have several parts. There is the part that wishes to live separated existence; it is called the ego mind; that part produces conflict for all of us. There is the part that knows that in reality we are unified and urges us to love one another; that part, called Holy Spirit by Christians, brings about love, peace and joy into our lives and into our world.

Whereas the individual alone cannot change the entire world and what happens to him he can at least contribute to making his life and our collective lives peaceful and joyful by choosing to love all people. Love all people, yourself included, and you help make your life and our lives a beautiful life.

Instead of sitting around complaining about how awful ones life is one can do something about it by becoming a change agent, that is, by loving one and all people. Instead of positing idle ideal standards and using them to judge ones self and all selves and finding them not good enough and rejecting them one can simply decide to love all people, warps and all. One does not have to wait for people and ones self to be perfect for one to love them. If people were already perfect and ideal one would not have to do anything; it is because people are imperfect that one has to do something: love them. Love and help produce a happy world, a happy dream. Our individual and collective lives are in our hands; our world is in our hands; we make them what we want. There are no victims and victimizers in this world; we are all active participants in what happens to each of us and to our world.

The fact, however, is that this world cannot be made ideal; it can be improved on its own terms. Science and technology improves it but on its own terms, for the ego remains hence conflict remains. The mind that created this world, the ego and its reason cannot change or make it perfect. So what to do? Let the world be and do not try to change it, do science and technology without the illusion that they are going to change the basic parameters of the world.

Human ego minds came into being from attack and hence are criminal minds; a criminal can only think in a criminal manner but never in a loving manner. Only a different mind, Holy Spirit, which to the ego is not logical, can take one out of this world’s mess. Idealism will not change this world.

In idealism, the person rejects the real, posits the ideal, the perfect, the imaginary and identifies with it, and wants to attain it.  Since the ideal and perfect is mere idealization of the imperfect, the individual is now afraid to even try doing things lest he fails and not attain the ideal, the perfect. The individual is aware that whatever he does would not turn out perfect and ideal therefore he concludes that he might as well not even try doing anything; he gives up on doing anything at all. He develops fear of imperfection. In reality all human beings are imperfect; only God, who is spirit, not body, is perfect; only those in spirit, not in body can be perfect. Those in body must always be imperfect for body limits what human beings can do.

The pursuit of idealism and perfection leads to not even trying doing anything, not even going to school or working lest one fails and not attain the ideal. This is fear of not attaining the perfect and the ideal self. The fear of not attaining the ideal self and ideal standards leads to failure. This is sad for such persons may have some talents that ultimately are wasted.

As an example of where this fear of imperfection led to not even trying to do anything I cite a young woman.  EJ expects perfection, ideal self and ideal world and therefore refuses to even try doing anything lest she fails. Initially she thought that it was her father who led her to fear failure by expecting her to go to school and do well at school; she blamed him, but now it is clear that she used her mind to assess her body and self and concluded that they are no good and invented an ideal, perfect self and wanted to become it and to avoid not being that ideal self she dropped out of school and work and live on the margin of society, and from where she fancies herself ideal and perfect (she fancies herself more intelligent than most people, she even sees herself as a genius even though she is not) and sees other persons as imperfect. This is great waste of her talents. She has to give up seeking ideals and perfection and accept her imperfect self and people’s imperfect selves. She has to go to school, and learn a trade. I still believe that she would make a great clinical psychologist.