Opinion: Why Black folks were abused and degraded by other races Part 5 of 10


(First Draft completed on April 12, 2011; to be revised.) .) Click here for Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 – By Ozodi Thomas Osuji – In the above passages, I presented the current astronomical view of the origin of the universe and some physics. Obviously it is not true that the universe came into being fourteen billion years ago for no one was there fourteen billion years ago to ascertain what happened. Saying that Wilson and Penzias’ discovery of the background cosmic microwave radiation has proved that the universe came into being in a big bang is merely saying that a hypothesis has proved itself through its own yardsticks. We simply do not yet know how the universe came into being. However, in scientific discourse it is obviously useful to employ whatever is the accepted astronomical view of the origin of the universe and do so until a better hypothesis comes along.

I do not know how the universe came into being, nor does anyone else know scientists or not. Not knowing leaves me with a desire to know. In my desire to know I scoured scientific and religious literature and building on what I read came up with the following view on the origin of the universe. Obviously, it is not true but it is a poetic rendition of what seems the truth but is not the truth.

This view is somewhat Gnostic but I am not a gnostic; I do not belong to any religion. I am a free thinker and feel free to change my mind about anything at any moment better information comes to me.

There was no beginning to the spiritual universe. However, there is one force; that force has no name. That force is not material in nature. Given our desire to name things we shall name that force spirit if by spirit we mean the opposite of matter. It is eternal, permanent and changeless. It has always been in existence and will always be in existence.

That force is creative; it is always creating parts that are like it. One spirit creates other spirits that are like it and imbues them with its creative energy so that they too create like it.

Since one was raised a Christian one feels comfortable calling that nameless force God, so let us call it God.  God created his son. In creation God gave all of himself to his son. His son creates his own son and gives all of his self to him. This way creation continues forever and ever.

God is in his son. His son is in him. Where God ends and his son begin is nowhere. There is no space or time between them; they are one self with one mind. Each of God’s sons is in God and in other sons of God; they all share one self and one mind and are never separated from each other.

The only difference between the children of God and God is that he created them and they did not create him. Apart from the fact that God created his sons and they did not create him or each other they can do whatever else God does, including creating other sons of God (but they do so with the power of God in them; without God the children of God cannot create).

The fact that God created them and they did not create God vexed the children of God. They wished that they created God and themselves but obviously once created one cannot create ones self or create ones creator. But still wishing to create themselves, as it were, they cast a magical spell on them and went to sleep and in sleep dreamed a world in which they created themselves. They evolved a world of space, time and matter and entered it and in it seem to have created themselves. They live in bodies and in bodies seem separated room God and from each other. Our world is that world the children of God created to seem to live separately from God and from each other.

The critical point of note in this myth of creation and the origin of this world is that it is the children of God, us, that created this world. We collectively created this world.  We are not bystanders in what happens to us in this world; we are active participants in what happens in this world. We collectively created this world. It is not a question of each individual creating this world, we did so collectively. What one person does affect all other persons and what other persons do affect him. There is no such thing as separation from other persons. Separation is an illusion; in reality we are all joined and affect each other.

We chose to be in this world; it is a world that is designed to be the opposite of the world of spirit. Spirit is unified but we chose a seeming separated world. We designed the world to seem separated, a world of space, time and matter. We house ourselves in bodies and seem to have boundaries from each other. Indeed, it seems that what one does, does not affect other persons and what they do does not affect one. But that is appearance. In truth we are joined and affect each other albeit in the world of space, time and matter.

Obviously the world is evolving, as scientists say it is evolving. However, this evolution of the world from a point of beginning to the present is taking place in a different medium, different from where those who are evolving it came from. We came from a unified place and now live in a separated place.

I must stress that it is us who chose to separate from God and from each other. In that sense we are not victims of the external world; it is us who actively make the external world what it is. We separated from God and from each other; we now believe that each of us is separated from each other; we believe that we are not the same and are not equal. We believe that we have different interests and work for what seems our different interests. In working for our different interests we do attack each other and use each other. The result is a world in conflict with itself, a world of fear, attack and defense.

In our world we see ourselves as different from others. We do not mind using other persons to gratify what seem our best interests. In this light white folks see themselves as different from black folks and believe that they have different interests from black folks. They do oppress and use black folks to satisfy their perceived interests. In slavery they used black folks to do their farm work so as to live in pleasure whereas blacks lived in poverty. Currently they discriminate against black folks.

Given what they have done to black folks the logic of the world is for black folk to strive to acquire power and use that power to enslave white folks and oppress them so as to have them taste their own medicine. If black folks did so naturally white folks would resent it and work to re-acquire power and struggle to re- enslave black folks. That way the sorry history of the world continues unabated.

But from their oppression and suffering black folks have learned that if they strive to oppress white folks that white folks will strive to gain freedom and re-oppress them. Thus nothing changes. What would bring about real change in this world is for black folks to forgive white folks and show them the love they really desire but do not know how to obtain. If black folks forgive white folks and love them and insist on respectful treatment of all human beings they would bring about a new type of human civilization, one based on equality and love, hence one that gives people peace and joy.

If black people show the world the nature of love hence give people peace and joy they would have created a new civilization, not one based on oppression, as is currently the case. When all people love each other the world would be a peaceful place.

A loving world though still an illusion is a world that had permitted the will of God to be done in it. God wills that he and his children are one and that they should love one another. God is love. Heaven is love. God’s sons are love. In eternity all we know is love. But we chose the opposite of love, earth, and now do not love one another; we disobey the will of God. When we love one another we obey the will of God. A world where folks love one another is a world that has voluntarily returned to the kingdom of God. The earth becomes a new world (what traditional Christians call a New Jerusalem), a city of love, peace and joy (all three are the same and where one is found the others are).

A loving earth is still not heaven. Heaven is spirit. The earth is a place of space, time and matter. When on earth we love we can be said to be at the gate of heaven but are not yet in heaven. On earth we are still in bodies, in forms. In heaven we are not in bodies and not in forms. On earth we are still separated and live in bodies but now overlook separation and use our bodies to love one another.  A loving earth approximates heaven but is not heaven.

When the world becomes a loving place, is at the gate of heaven thereafter the sleeping-dreaming children of God awaken to their truth, their spirit nature. They awaken and know that they are always spirit and are always unified, not separated.

As a matter of fact what they do to each other on earth, their mutual attacks are calls for each other to forgive the attacks and still love each other. White folks attacked black folks and pushed them away; if black folks counter attack white folks they would push white folks away and thus they both would remain in a world of separation. But if black folks forgive white folks and love them they welcome them and not push them away. In so doing they return to the world of union, a world that resembles the world of God. In forgiving white folks their attacks black folks help both of them to return to God. Thus, black folks are meant to lead mankind back to God via forgiving those who degraded them in every which way the children of God can be degraded.

In forgiving whites their assaults on black folk’s self-esteem what black folks are saying is that those attacks had no lasting impact on them and that attack is not real and that what remains real is love.  If attack is not real and the children of God remain as God created them they are spirit not bodies.

The new world we are entering is a world where we forgive and love each other, a world that approximates heaven and gives us peace and joy. It is those who were degraded that would lead mankind to that brave new world order. Black folks would lead human beings to a new civilization, one where love prevails, not our present civilization where mutual attack prevails.

Civilization began in Africa and it would end in Africa. Africa is the proverbial Garden of Eden, paradise where all mankind began in innocence, in love. Africans, the most insulted group of human beings who therefore understand degradation and understand that it does not negate their worth as the holy (that is, unified) children of God would lead people to a new understanding of what it means to be human beings by forgiving those who abused them.

I, as an African, feel oppressed, abused, insulted and degraded by white folks.  This sense of insult is not only in my head, it is real. Black folks do get insulted by every Tom, Dick and Harry that calls himself white. ( Even Asians have entered the game of looking down on black folks…I see Koreans, looking down on black folks, they have identified with the oppressor, white folks, and now oppress the world’s favorite oppressed people, blacks).

People began their journey on earth in Africa and will end it in Africa; that is, when Africans lead them to a new civilization, one that emphasizes love not hate.

We made a mistake in separating from God and from each other. But there is no point in crying over spilled milk. All we have to do is correct our mistake. The mistake lies in not loving one another; the correction of that mistake is to love one another.

Love is union so when we love one another we have returned to union and are, as it were, now back in the state of union, in oneness, in God and his heaven.

God does not ask us not to live in this world, as traditional Gnostic religion teaches. Gnosticism recognizing that this world is a mistake correctly sees its corrections as return to God, to the state of oneness. It does not want people to live on earth (in the world of matter, body, space and time). This is a wrong-headed approach to the correction of our mistake. The mistake is the absence of love; the correction is the presence of love. Where we are does not matter, what matters is that we love one another.

God accepts us where we currently are. We currently are in bodies, in the world of space time and matter; God wants us to make the most of it via science, technology, forgiveness and love.

This world is going to be here for the next billions of years and thus we are going nowhere. We, might as well make the most of the world, improve it and love one another.  Each of us must study the physical sciences as well as love one another.

I must stress that I am not encouraging any one to run away from this world. No, we have to be here and understand the world through science and use technology to make the most of it before we leave it. I am not an escapist or someone who negates the world. Just because the world is a mistake does not mean that we should run from it.

God recognizing that his children made a mistake in separating from him actually entered the world to go correct their mistake. He did so by creating the Holy Spirit and as the Holy Spirit entered the world his children made and ask them to forgive and love another.

Metaphorically, in our heads are now three or four selves. The God self, that is the self all of us share (that self is called God the father or the transcendent God), God the son (our self in spirit); God the son is now sleeping and dreaming that he is a separated self, an ego housed in body; and God the Holy Spirit. All three selves are actually one shared self. (Helen Schucman’s book, A course in miracles helps us understand the so-called Holy Trinity.)

God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit (called the Holy Trinity by the Catholic Church) is one self. The three selves is a way of categorizing the three functions of God.

God extended his oneself into his son. The extender and the extended are the same; God is his son and his son is he. That is, God is each of us. But as each of us, God the son, God created this world and seem to be in it as a separated self, the ego. God the Holy Spirit is that part of our earthly selves that urge us to overlook the wrongs we do to each other and love each other.

The Holy trinity (composed of the transcendent God, the immanent God, and the son of God are one God) is a literal device to say that the son of God created this world; God created this world through the device of his son. God corrects this world through the device of his Holy Spirit.

The Holy trinity (composed of the transcendent God, the immanent God, and the son of God are one God) is a literal device to say that the son of God created this world; God created this world through the device of his son. God corrects this world through the device of his Holy Spirit.

I am not intendant on writing metaphysics here; I have done that elsewhere; the salient point is that one force seems in three places. One self-made the mess this world is in and that same self is correcting it through us when we forgive and love one another.

There are no victims and victimizers in this world. As I have pointed out, one self, the Son of God who is God is all of us. That one self is white folks and is black folks. As white folks that one-self oppresses black folks. That is, one side of God oppresses another side of God.

Clearly, only an inane God would oppress an aspect of him; the son of God is insane.  But another aspect of God, God the father is sane and is not in this world. The sane God the father enters this world and corrects it when we love instead of hate each other.

In this light black folks are God and asked white folks who are also God to do what they did to them. A part of God asked another part of God to enslave it. The enslaved part of God forgives the enslaving part of God and in so doing both of them awakens to the awareness that they are collectively God.

(To say that black folks asked white folks to abuse them enrage black folks, for it seems tantamount to blaming the victim; however, black folk must remember that by the same token white folks asked to abuse black folks hence if we must allot guilt we must allot it to both white and black sons of God. But there is no need for guilt, for what the sons of God did they did in insanity, in their dreams of separation. What is done in dreams have not been done. All they need to do is heal their insanity. Forgiveness and love is what heals their insanity. When they love each other they return to union and in union are sane.)

White sadists and terrorists enslaved black masochists. Black folks, as it were, played the masochistic role for obviously black folks could have killed off white folks at any time during their oppression. Despite their grandstanding white folks are weak and black folks can wipe them out. But that is not the intention of the dance; the intention is to forgive and return to love, return to God.

God has prepared black folks to lead all his children back to him; he has decreed that black folks would lead the next phase of human civilization, the phase that stresses love instead of hate. This decree was made before the world came into being. Oh, yes, there is such a thing as destiny and predestination.

The world is a dream but there is a pattern to it; each dream figure is doing what is assigned to him, what he chose to do in the dream; each of us has a dream role. What you can do well I may not do well; you may be a physicist and I may be a meta-physicist; both functions are crucial in resurrecting the sleeping, dreaming children of God, in giving them salvation; that is, in returning them to love and to their natural home, state of unified spirit.

White folks were assigned the role of enslaving blacks, and starting science and technology; they have done their part. Black folks are assigned the role of teaching mankind forgiveness and love and thus return it to peace and joy.

Black folks are also assigned the role of leading mankind to the new and higher science that we are about to enter, a science where the demarcation between “magic” and physics is blurred. Quantum physics has already intimated that the world is a magical universe where what we wish to observe we see. The world is of our making.  I am not going to get into that new world for what I want to stress in this paper is that there is a purpose to black folks suffering; that they suffered to learn that attack is not good and has no effect on their reality as spirit (we remain as God created us, unified spirit) and therefore to forgive those who attacked them and teach the world to love.