Opinion: Why Black folks were abused and degraded by other races Part 10 of 10


(First Draft completed on April 12, 2011; to be revised.) Click here for Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Part 5, Part 6 , Part 7, Part 8&9 – By Ozodi Thomas Osuji – One can talk about forgiveness and love all ones life but until one practices it one would not see its effects and benefits. One must make a conscious effort to forgive all persons what they did to one and in so doing love them. Do not bear grievances or seek revenge for what any one does to you. Overlook peoples past and just see them as the holy children of God.

Remember that every person behaves according to his personality, his ego type which is influenced by his inherited body constitution. He or she cannot help but behave in accordance with his personality. The individual’s ego and personality reflects his level of development as he passes through time and space. The ego is an effort to live a separated existence, to avoid love.

Some egos are aggressive, others are passive and yet some are avoidant but regardless of their type they are all maneuvers we employ in avoiding union with all children of God and with God. Any kind of ego at all is the absence of love and its possessor suffers for joy lies only in love.

If you want peace and joy in your life and in the lives of those around you then love you and love all persons. Ignore people’s personalities and simply do the right thing, love all people and respond with forgiveness if they attack you.

Remember that the people you see are there in your dream and their dream and you and they constructed their egos and personalities as they and you constructed your own ego and personality. Overlook human personalities and their behaviors; they are dream roles you and all people constructed, and see the divine sons of God all around you and love them all and see your life become peaceful and happy. When you love all people you would get whatever you desire in life that is in accord with love. And that includes money.

Let go of your ego and its fear (fear protects the ego and its body) and see yourself as one with all people, black and white and love them all and see your life become a happy dream. Now, don’t just talk about forgiveness and love; just do it, do it and do it now, not tomorrow. The ego would ask you to wait until tomorrow before you love people, and tomorrow becomes next week which becomes next month, next year until you die an unloving person. Therefore, love now, not tomorrow.

The ego wants you to enter into special love relationships with all people where each of you retains his ego, his belief that he has a different self and uses that special self to temporarily join with other people and serve your mutual needs and leave them when they no longer serve your mutual needs. Now ignore the desire for substitute love, substitute unions and replacement heaven and unify with all people, overlooking their bodies and truly loving their real selves, which is the Christ in them. Love and know peace and joy.

Blacks were subjected to incredible abuse and suffering so that they learn that on earth forgiveness is the meaning of love. They are meant to forgive those who abused them and in so doing love them. When they love them and all people they bring a new civilization to the world. That is their mission. Now, live that mission without procrastination by forgiving and loving all people. (Forgiveness is for past injustices; in the present you do not have to tolerate abuse, you work to correct all abusive behaviors; only the fearful tolerate abuse; the fearless do not tolerate abuse for they know that death is not real, they know that when they physically die they awaken to spirit hence they are not afraid of death and always stick up for the truth regardless of what happens to their bodies. Those who can destroy your body cannot destroy your spirit.)