Opinion: Uganda and Zaire a look at the Origin and Spread of AIDS

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By Johan van Dongen – Traditionally, the traditional health care in Africa, as in most non-western cultures, strongly intertwined with religious thought, the belief in spirits, the worship of ancestors and the place of the sick in their own group.

Long before the psychosomatic approach within the Western medical science was taken seriously, it was within the traditional health care in Africa was very normal and very real. But since action was linked to the western societies often incomprehensible rituals, it was soon interpreted as hocus pocus, if the medical equipment that our patients are connected and the professor in the white coat, followed by a retinue of assistants, nurses and students, or the hospital chaplain who mumbles prayers, candles and holy water sprinkles rears on outsiders as well as hocus pocus that can happen. And to those hocus pocus medicine was not a buck, and that must change.


Certainly the traditional healers, with their vast knowledge of medicinal herbs and animal tissue and the heritage from their own clan, until the arrival of the whites was an important and dominant role in traditional society which they filled. Leading to a major supporting role was downgraded when the population had to be Christianized and an effort by western clinics had to be protected against all those nasty tropical diseases.

And if the Tanzanian journalist Elias Mhegera for Shout-Africa.com reported that a cure for AIDS has been found by the traditional healer Ambiliki Mwasapile (76), a priest in Loliondo retired Samunga in the Village in the Ngorongoro District, Tanzania, with a real stunning effect, then that in our Western drug industry dismissed it with laughter. Of course I would say, because here they can, as in the past, nothing out of it. But those who really is interested in the fortunes of African culture knows better.

And it is understandable that they, the traditional healers, do not want to wait until western scientists in their laboratories have developed a cure for the AIDS and the sufferers from the disease but cannot afford it. It is about time we, the western society, learn to listen to what the Africans themselves want. Foreign researchers in Africa have nothing to study except when they are asked first and listen to the needs and wishes of the Africans themselves. However, given the past is still an utopia so I’ll continue with ringing the bells on German, American, French and English medicine plants and their experiments in the jungles of Africa.

And to prove they did their experiments on black African human beings can be found in the archives of the Committee on Human Resources: Biological testing involving human subjects by the Department of Defense. Hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources . United States Senate. Ninety-fifth congress. First session on examination of serious deficiencies in the Defense Department’s efforts to protect the human subjects of drug research. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1977: 127, 141,145.

American drug factories

In 1946 they sold pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States for about 520 million U.S. dollars on pills and potions. Two decades later, their total sales amounted to more than $ 5,000,000,000. This was their industry to one of the largest and most profitable of the nation. At that time provided the drug companies employed 121,000 people in 1,700 businesses in all states of America and met a national demand for 12 billion tablets and capsules per year on prescription. This growth was made possible by radical new production methods, whereby rotating pills pharmacist was replaced by the shiny machines in sterile rooms. All this was not without a huge increase in scientific research for which in 1966 alone in the United States more than 13 million animals were used, of which 7.6 million mice, rats 2.2 million, 620,000 chickens, 190,000 and 2,590,000 marmots other animals.

Not a word was said about the millions of ‘black HumanRats’ who were abused within especially Uganda and the former Congo now Zaire.

Happily lost in the last thirty years in Africa working western doctors and nurses slowly convinced of an essential interplay between western medical technology and traditional primary care, where the “medicine men” of yesteryear finally can be seen as colleagues. But that is obviously too late, as AIDS and many other new diseases in Africa to beat mercilessly.

African newspapers arrive daily with pages full of advertisements offering the most diverse figures at competitive prices to offer their services: herbalists, culture priests and faith healers who a tasty mixture of animist and Christian or Muslim miracles have in store for a variety of ailments from constipation to AIDS!

Mycotoxins and new diseases like mycosis fungoides*

When scientists publish extensively in 1950 on the incidence of Kaposi sarcoma, a skin cancer, caused by the cytomegalovirus CMV*, with a special reference to its incidence in the South African blackmen, it was linking to experiments of the Nazis and the postwar consistently in Africa. That other scientists deal with specific occurrences or Kaposi’s sarcoma in Ugandan Africans blacks, mainly a disease affecting black children over there, they unanimously agree the death of children hypothesis is caused by a sudden increase of virulence in the local strain. “But why this so virulent strain became so aggressive?”, they did not say, of course not because about bio-warfare agents like mycotoxin or aflatoxin is not spoken in public. Agents which causes also diseases like cryptococcosis, cryptosporidiosis, isosporosis, cerebral toxoplasmosis and Burkitt’s lymphoma. The latter disease will be described within one of the next article as an example of interference of the western military, medical, political and pharmacological establishments.


For instance cryptosporidiosis is not a natural consequence of an HIV infection, because it was produced by additional intentional cryptosporida infection in HIV patients especially in Uganda leading to death while normally this disease is harmless in healthy patients. The cryptosporida disease in human beings are produced by agents which were bread by the USA forces in Uganda and in the United States*.




In comparison with the afore mentioned disease cryptosporidiosis there is no difference with isosporosis because this disease is also not a consequence of HIV infection. In HIV infected persons it was produced on purpose by infection with isospora bellii, and has a fatal effect. Isosporis originally occurred in 1915, during war operations of the British government* in order to cause severe diarrhoea . Isospora bellii were put into action in connection with HIV infection particularly in Uganda.

That the USA and British forces have carried out their experiments in Uganda is also stated by scientist R.A. Squire in 1968*. In the same year a 1968 study, conducted by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and funded by the U.S. military, is one of the conclusions that the ‘infectious anemia of horses’ a model for an autoimmune disease in horses (EIAV/AIDS), a disease similar to that observed for humans. It was also found that EIAV could be transmitted by insects. Especially the latter would offer great potential for experimental manipulations for further research into the spread of pathogenic micro-organisms. According to R. Squire, author of equine infectious anemia: A model of immunoproliferative disease experiments carried out in Africa.


Another remarkable investigation of the same Squire is his statement: The Birkitt tumour of African children, which is certainly a lymphoproliferative disorder, of which is almost certain a genetic engineered or vector-born disease.


Moreover, the CMV virus is practically identical to the Epstein Barr virus EBV which causes the Birkitt Lymphoma tumour in Africa while the same virus induces only the disease of Pfeiffer outisde Africa (see one of the following articles).


*Committee on Human Resources: Biological testing involving human subjects by the Department of Defense. Hearings before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources . United States Senate. Ninety-fifth congress. First session on examination of serious deficiencies in the Defense Department’s efforts to protect the human subjects of drug research. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1977: 127, 141,145.


*Squire R.A. Equine Infectious Anemia:A model of immunoproliferative disease. Blood 1968;32; 157-169.

Experimental microsurgery and mycotoxins in animals and humans


As an experimental micro surgeon, I have performed thousands of kidney, heart, liver and small intestine in animals. As a consequence I used substances such as mycotoxins, endotoxins, immuran, prednisone, cyclophosphamides, somastatin, LPS, anti-lymphocyte sera ALS, radioactive substances and virtually all types of antibiotics. And all these agents have only one goal namely: the manipulation of the immunological defense system. As an animal expert, I naturally have been interested in classified the efficacy of the means by which I work, so you can read all about your knowledge in the field to expand.


I read about the chimpanzee, which nevertheless genetically 98.4 percent for the corresponding human and social behavior are also striking similarities to the human exhibits, but the beast nevertheless refuses to AIDS, something which the scientists of course understood nothing. Indeed, according to the Dutch professors and virologists Jaap Goudsmit, Roel Coutinho Ab Osterhaus, my opponents in the Netherlands, and still claiming AIDS is descended from apes?


And not just because they proclaimed it but even Robert Gallo and Montagnier supported that view. But even if they understand something, or think they understand, they do not always draw the right conclusions. Sometimes they even have new insights on to abandon. A recent example: there’s always thought that man is the only animal that has targeted his own species kills. Until the mid seventies field research in Africa showed that groups of chimpanzees are not flinch one on his own itinerant male of a neighboring group to stalk and targeted to tackle. While the animals showed an almost human role performance. One of the monkeys had the opponent in a hold, so the others freely pursue their prey were biting, hitting and breaking the limbs.


The evolutionary biologist and professor of anthropology at the University of Harvard, Richard Wrangham, and specialized in primatology specialized publicist, David Peterson, travelled here included the conclusion that man-and especially the man-his violence inherited from the ape and held that “discovery” a heavy book several hundred pages: Demonic Males, Apes and the origins of human violence.


The observations that these two scholars describe in their book, No one will question, but one can have difficulty that the conclusions that were drawn from those observations. They are not at least curious that this phenomenon only of the murderous ape is discovered in the seventies and since then the number of sightings of warring chimps strong increased. The fact that the aggressive monkeys were stiff of mycotoxins is less known. Also known is that during the tribal war between the Hutus and the Tutsis in Rwanda and Burundi also mycotoxins found in the blood, and thus is the comparison with the aggressive behavior of monkeys on my course!


In scientific publications because I could read that in the sixties and seventies in African countries, during the never ending stream of conflicts, often by Western countries experimented with poisons. It represented a deliberate spread of various types of mycotoxins. Secretions of these fungi have a carcinogenic effect and dangerous for soldiers especially interesting because they have a strong resistance-lowering effect, which in the body (latent) present life-threatening viruses and bacteria. Such toxins were scattered from aircraft or mixed with food and / or drinking. When people come into contact with these mycotoxins, after being vaccinated with vaccines against any infectious disease, which in those years in Africa on a large scale is done, it could lead to an explosion of a variety of diseases.


And if you mycotoxins scatter about cities and jungles or even animals suffer the consequences of those mycotoxins. As an animal expert, I was able poisoning wildlife such as reading in the Animal Health Yearbook 1990 (FAO Animal Production and Health Series No. 30, commissioned by the WHO in 1990 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has been released) in This publication has been there 58 different diseases that occur in Uganda since 1976 under an uncountable number of animals. An article in the Washington Post of July 7, 1992 announced the mass mortality of fish in Lake Victoria. More drastic is the communication in science (1994), since 1978 approximately 20 percent of all lions in Tanzania and Uganda has been hit by a mysterious brain disease similar to kuru, a synonym for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy BSE.


Apparently taking place in African countries a strange sickening process by which humans and animals in mass chaos. There is no reason to believe that apes such diseases of interests. After poisoning with these mycotoxins, certain brain disorders occur very intense behavioral changes which result accompanied by a strong increase in aggression and crime.


Fraser D.W. et al. Aspergillosis and other systemic mycosis. The growing problem. JAMA, 1979; 242: 1631-1635.


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Williams E.H. A local cancer registry in a mission hospital in Uganda. East Afr. Med. J. 1966; 43:200-207.


U.S. President Nixon asks Congress one hundred million U.S. dollars to find a cure for cancer.


Thanks to the substantial sums of money by several Western governments made sure Fri, scientists could start with a systematic fight against leukemia and other forms of cancer using vaccines. For this they went looking for places where the cancer was endemic. While Japanese researchers focused their attention mainly on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu where the atomic bomb on Nagasaki still working. The interest of American and European researchers went mainly to foreign forms of cancer in Papua New Guinea and in the interior of Africa. Research in previous years had shown that there is this vast continent viruses were actively involved in thousands of children and adults caused malignant tumors, including Burkitt’s lymphoma and Kaposi’s sarcoma. Over there was frequently published, including in Uganda by the active EH Williams. This director of a missionary hospital near the city of Arua frequently described his experiences with various diseases such as the ones from the West Nile District. For example, in 1966 published his two articles in the East African Medical Journal: “A local cancer registry in a mission hospital in Uganda” and “A note on an apparent similarity in distribution of onchocerciasis, femoral hernia and Kaposi’s sarcoma in the West Nile District of Uganda.


These publications, but also those of other physicians in Uganda attracted the attention of scientists in Europe and America. If cancer could be eliminated, it was Uganda where the new treatment methods that would indicate. Four years later, in 1971, asked then-US president Nixon Congress one hundred million U.S. dollars for an intensive campaign aimed at: finding a cure for cancer.


In the same year in Uganda’s West Nile District on the initiative of the United States an extensive medical field survey started where every year 45,000 vaccinated children blood has declined to investigate whether there was any relation between infection with Epstein-Barr virus and occurrence of Kaposi’s sarcoma. The study lasted until 1977. Research was conducted into a virus that causes Kaposi’s sarcoma virus which caused a single and by the Germans and Von Ribbert Jesionek found cytomegalovirus.


*Mycosis fungoides synonym for AIDS


Mycosis fungoides is a mycotoxin is caused by fungi and malignant disease, characterized by reticulated dangerous T-cell proliferations called giant cells. This may create inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, heart muscle and skin. Kaposi’s sarcoma may also manifest and also affect the kidneys fail because of lack of immunoglobulins. The disease disrupts the immune system and eventually leads to death. It was the French dermatologist J. Alibert’s disease who discovered more than two centuries ago, when Negroes in Africa. He called the disease helcosoma tropicum, tropical skin ulcers because the patient and lumps on his body showed. Bazin, the French dermatologist later discovered in the middle of the last century like syndromes, which he typified a form of skin tuberculosis. Both the symptoms of the disease Alibert-Bazin and the Kaposi-like structures are now widely regarded as a malignant form of cell cancer. It is now generally accepted that excretions of molds and fungi, such as aflatoxins and an important role in this cancer.




Cytomegalovirus belongs to a group of herpes viruses. Such viruses are named after the Greek verb “herpein” means that creep or crawl. In the United States each year 30,000 to 35,000 newborn children congenital CMV infection, which is one percent of all live births. In a variable percentage of children within two years leads to abnormalities in the central nervous system and eyesight. Cytomegalovirus infects white blood cells and stays there dormant. Body Cells infected with the virus, may swell to so-called giant cells or th Dutch synonym vogeloogcellen. In HIV infected CMV causes, in addition to liver and spleen enlargement also Kaposi’s sarcoma. CMV is also MCMV in mice, rats, guinea pigs GpcMV RCMV, HCMV horses and many other species. Studies in mice have shown that the latent CMV can be reactivated by stimulation of the immune system and immune-suppression, irradiation and administration of the anti-lymphocyte serum or of certain toxic substances.


To be continued….