Opinion: Suppressed medicines and cure for aids, continued, part 9

Aids ImageBy Frides Laméris, Netherlands – In the previous two parts 7 and part 8 of our series of short articles on the cure for aids, we have described all the suppressed medicines as listed by Johan van Dongen in his book Aids, the greatest crime in medical History. In this article we list the things, which according to Van Dongen, should be done and not be done  when treating  HIV-AIDS patients.

First, some attention will be given by Van Dongen to things that should NOT be done. Below are therefore described some of the medicaments, actions and nutrients that are absolutely forbidden for HIV/AIDS-patients.

Two substances in this category that should definitely NOT be taken are Isoniazide and Sulfadiazide. (Van Dongen does however not indicate why this is the case).

Next things that are NOT to be done:

  • One be very careful with radiation methodologies and the application of cortisol. If possible, they should be avoided.
  • There should not be any loss of blood in whatever form. Surgical operations should be avoided. Certain medicinal  drugs that attack the immune system of the body should be avoided. Antibiotics should not be given or taken because they induce the production of HIV.
  • Nutrients that cause diarrhea should be avoided and also food substances that may irritate the stomach/ and or intestines.

Things that SHOULD BE done while treating HIV/AIDS are:



  • Reducing the level of cortisol in the blood
  • Using  the substances that ameliorate the situation for HIV in the body and that strengthen the nervous system. These substances are: Hypericin, Tryptophan and Diphenylhydantoin
  • Using  exclusively the following antidotes:  Zinc, Lidocaine, Procaine , Nifedipin, Cimetidine, opiates like Methadon, Naltrexone peptide T. and Thalidomide (Softenon).
  • Individual prescription, according to need, of: Suramin, Ketacoazol and Rifabutin.


Increase  the level of sex hormones by:

a)      Maintaining and bringing balance in the sensory perceptions

b)      Using Vitamin E (Spondyvit, Sanavitan).

c)      Make use of dehydro-epiandrostreron DHEA, Testosteron , Megestrolacetate , Oestrogen,, RU 486 and Trichosantin.


Improve or renew the function of the thymus by providing thymus stimulating medication like Thym-Uvocal, Thymoject, TP-1 Serono, Thymopentin, Timunox.  Also provide extracts of Arborvitae, Inosinptranobex (Inosin, Delimmum, Isoprinosin), Diethylthiocarbamate (Imuthiol, Disulfiram, Antabus), Tuftsin, Tacridin


Improve the interferon mechanism with Kemron (see http://www.shout-africa.com/bottom-story/opinion-new-view-on-the-origin-of-aids-a-cure-for-aids-%e2%80%93-suppressed-medicines-continued-part-4/ )


Give the patients antibodies to fight infections by providing intravenous injections with gammaglobulins, called IgA, IgD, IgE, IgF and IgM


Bring HIV under control by providing:  Dextran-sulphate; Sklerogamma, Asuro, Bicibon, which is available in see products, fish, crustaceans, alges and cartilage extracts; AL 721 (Essentiale Forte, Lipostabil 300, Ovothin 120; the yolk of an egg, nuts, lecithin, seed oil) and HPA-23.

In addition Van Dongen provides some recommendations as how to treat a number of opportunistic infections  that usually go hand in hand with HIV/AIDS:

–          Candidiasis:  Use Phaseoline, Ketaconazol (Nizoral)(, Amphotericin- B (Moronal); honey

–          Cytomegalovirus infection: Ribavirin, Foascarnet, HPMMPC (Stals).

–          Eppstein-bar-virus infection : Procaine, Lidocaine. Gargling three times a day with sunflower oil.

–          Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia: TMS and pentamidine.

–          Kaposi sarcoma:  Inducing an electrical current to the water while bathing.

–          Toxoplasmosis: TMS

–          Cryptococcosis: Amphothericin B (Moronal)

–          Isoporosis: Ketaconazol (Nizoral), Fluconazol, TMS

–          Herpes simplex, type 1 and 2: Ointment or injections with Zovirax.

–          Tuberculosis : Rifabutin

Treatment of infected patients should be adapted to the symptoms and clinical results. Following medicaments can be made available rather easily and are useful as a basic therapy for almost all aids patients and seropositives:

–          3x 1 tablet Hypericin (Hyperforat, Psychotonine, Aristoforat, Esbericum);

–          3 x 1 tablet Zinkorotrat;

–          3x 1 tablet Thym-Uvocal;

–          2 x 1 tablet Pentosanpolysulfat SP54:

–          1 x tablet Spondyvit

–          For men: 3 x 1 tablet Andriol

–          For ladies: 1 x 1 capsule of Oestrofeminal

To be continued