Opinion: Origin and Spread of AIDS caused by the cytomegalovirus CMV. Revealing discussion in the Netherlands 1972, Part 8 of 20.

By Johan van Dongen – In 1972 I heard, during a meeting about my work in the field of organ transplantation, one of my professors say, cytomegalovirus CMV? That dangerous virus could be a cross between a flu and a herpes virus, built into a bacterium and then it looks like a protozoa. Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 6, Part 7

These words of Professor Dr. D.L. Westbroek, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has never left me, because during my forty years of investigation into the Origin of the AIDS causing virus I have reached the same conclusion. Unlike any other virus, the AIDS virus is able to multiply a thousand times faster but obviously slower than a bacterium. I believe that we’re not dealing with a virus or bacterium but an artificially created virus called bacteriophage or virusbacteria. And it is precisely these genetically engineered micro-organism which are commonly made in the context of biological warfare tested on predominantly black people in concentration camps and Africa.
This significant statement of my professor and teacher Westbroek has never left me ever since. Wild eyed, I dived under that same day in the library of the university to get to the bottom. It surprised me on all fronts that everything had been scientifically documented. And at that moment I could not imagine that, after I had finished my training as an ‘experimental micro-surgeon’ in 1976 at the Dijkzigt Hospital and Erasmus University, I became involved with CMV-infected kidney transplantation that I had to perform for writing two theses at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands.

The history of the genetic recombined AIDS-causing viruses CMV used for experiments by Western and Japanese scientists on innocent people in Uganda, Zaire and especially South Africa, is so complex that I have the next four articles will devote:

Article 9: Origin and Spread of AIDS. German experiments with cytomegalovirus in

South-Africa and Uganda.

Article10:Origin and Spread of AIDS. Cytomegalovirus infection explosion in Zaire

and Uganda.

Article11:Origin and Spread of AIDS. The relation between cytomegalovirus, Jewish

people and black-skinned children in Africa.

Article12:Origin and Spread of AIDS. Pneumocystii carinii pneumonia PCP vassals of

AIDS caused by cytomegalovirus.

When I start to read the publications of Krech and Johan Clemessen of CMV infection, a virus which also causes Kaposi’s sarcoma, in the early seventies I did not know what was going to happen to me in the near future ahead. Gradually I was clearly aware how incredibly large the world infected with this virus in humans and animals has been and still is. Only, why we die to this terrible disease is almost exclusively black men?
The CMV virus does not occur only in humans but also in dogs, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, cows, yes, actually in all vertebrates on earth who walk or crawl. In fact, during my working period at the University of Maastricht I have performed hundreds of kidney transplantations  in the course of CMV and for this research we picked the wild virus simply from rats we caught in the dustbin of Maastricht.

And we, the experimental micro-surgeons, transplanted, with our bare hands with this virus infected kidneys from one rat to another without knowing. I found out later by coincidence that I worked on the project because the head of our department had made a mutual agreement with his colleague without my knowledge of it.

Not long thereafter an epidemiological investigation was carried out in the seventies and eighties which makes it clear to me that the worldwide infection rate in humans had risen over ninety percent. That is, if we are to believe the numbers. But as we now know in medicine figures can be triggered and wiped away whenever necessary in the interest of the ‘thesis machine’. Striking is also that if all these diseases of monkeys would come, long before Africa should become depopulated by AIDS.

No, there is so much more going on but the real possibility of reliable objective data are not available. Probably not, because that is the respective establishments are still too powerful. Well, still. As the Arab world is falling and Japan nearly sinks into the sea by earthquakes and effects of radioactivity, so can those accursed pharmaceutical, military, political and medical be chased from their ivory tower. And what strikes me the most are the findings of Krech as depicted in his table below, although the prevalence of CMV amongst blood donors in India and the Philippines can be compared with Uganda, the massive dead toll rates of aids patients in Africa cannot be compared at all. The cause of that phenomenon I try to explain within these twenty articles.
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The so called viruses or discoverers That Causes AIDS
The first in the world that the AIDS virus records is the Dutch researcher Elisabeth van der Loo. She publishes its data in the science journal Archives Virchow. It appears to involve exactly the same AIDS virus as it passes through the Japanese Hinuma, Miyoshi and Takatsuki been discovered on the island Kyoshu in Japan, the island on which Hiroshima and Nagasaki are, and the American Robert Gallo and his major opponent, the Frenchman Luc Montagnier. They all independently discovered a human leukemia virus that causes AIDS in humans. A leukemia virus with strange names such as ATL, LAV, HTLV, or mycosis fungoides, which pointed to the one and only aids causing retrovirus with different names. I will provide you with this within one or more of the next chapters.

The comparisons between the pictures of Dutch researcher Elisabeth van der Loo with those of the other nominees do not lie, they are all look a likes “of the herpes CMV virus discovered by the Germans von Ribbert and Jesionek and published in the German journal” Münchener Medizinische Wochenschrift “in 1904.

The funny thing is that these cells through phagocytosis in other cells are able to eat. And best now none other than the actual discoverer of the AIDS virus, Luc Montagnier, shows that the CMV virus is completely identical with the Equine Immuno Deficiency virus EIAV of horses! Montagnier also shows that the virus has the same properties and also appears to viruses found in goats, cows, monkeys and pigs.

Montagniers ‘ colleagues and all utter a cry of surprise when they found that the AIDS virus is identical to the horse AIDS causing virus and both viruses in cell culture only start to increase when it is added to CMV.

Before 1920 there is no infection with such virus found and certainly not for blacks. However, when the Germans in the context of biological warfare has begun to experiment in order to make it available for Jews and dark-colored fellow man, took first place in 1938, the first infections, with blacks that is.

The CVM is a micro-organism in the early twentieth century deliberately among Jews and blacks is spread after they were first made receptive by Dutch, American and German scientists. Herpes disease that was ten times more common in Caucasian than in black children,  has since 1935 used in experiments by scientists funded by the powerful American Rockefeller Foundation. And after the war, when one of its main laboratories in St. Louis, Missouri further inquiry, the virus suddenly appeared in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg in South Africa.

Oddly, the African negro population were the first symptoms of the disease as influenza and measles were observed, but all rap died one after the other on the effects of CMV a virus originally found almost exclusively in white colored people. You should know that the virus normally not reputed to be an epidemic causing microorganism. More surprising is it to mention that after the first CMV deaths in South Africa had fallen, the ratio will become increasingly distorted over time was drawn. Ultimately, the number of blacks that succumbed to the disease had risen to almost one hundred percent of all infected cases in a period when the disease just by whites declined dramatically. And this endorsement is further endorsed in 1973 by a South African pathologist anatomist from the King Edward Hospital, the same numbers and the discrepancy between white and black made famous.

Retrospective study shows that the German pharmaceutical company Hoechst at the beginning of the last century, when the Germans Togo still occupied and later in Rwanda and Burundi held sway, the substance arsacetin, normally in animal experiments are being tested, was tested on black prisoners. The Germans used the blacks for the most sinister experiments during or after the trial and death were blind until the effective dose was found.

Statement of John Clemessen
Early seventies when many academic leaders gathered in Tokyo, Japan was the benevolent scientist or outsider not imagine what John Clemessen during his presentation of a carcinogenic virus exactly meant. He explained the fact that in 1943 the Germans occupied Denmark, under German leadership, a registration center was designed to leukemia in Jewish patients had to register. This I read to my astonishment, together with the declaration of Clemessen in 1973 in the catacombs of the pharmaceutical factory in Solvay Duphar Weesp, the Netherlands. And to my utmost dismay, I found out in that basement a complete cure, with all the literature on AIDS. Here is the full statement:

Clemessen: “First of all we know That a virus among animals is Indispensable to cause Leukemia. To what extant does it Apply to man? Personally I must insist that the degree of hygienic practice seems I am trying to differentiate from the standard or must animals. It is conceivable that may viruses dominate the relatively infrequent occurrence of leukemia among wild animals. For this man might be well limited to persons living under very primitive hygienic conditions in one respect or other, like children in rural Africa, or Southeast Asia perhaps living under extremely crowded conditions.

In the medical part of our communities we are, just military people have as much leg blamed for it, planning for the battles of the last war, the war against bacterial infections in live every day we are gradually packing people closer together in buses and on planes and in greater numbers than in the days when lice and fleas would give a warning. In addition under blood transfusion and vaccination are increasing the intimacy of contact with biological surroundings. We are in fact establishing conditions for a possible pandemic or an oncogenic virus variant on the scale of the influenza or 1918.

Second, we have created conditions in tissue cultures for propagation of virus from a host cell differentiation from the original. So, is it possible to visualize a mutation of a virus writing to a variety of high contagiosity to man, resulting in a pandemic or neoplastic disease, before we could develop a vaccinia. It is also possible to visualize the risk of some desperate persons or nations coming possession or write some virus and vaccine perhaps some or even, so that they could threaten to spread their virus unless some were fulfilled request.

It is not difficult to see the possibility of some parallel development to the development around nuclear fission and fusion, involvement top-secret projects and development and restrictions on all  personal concerned. It seems as If we should not leave too much such ideas or to science fiction writers. May we have to study such problems before too long and the wealth of information presented at a meeting like this, may also serve us in developing vaccines against possible outbreaks in man.

During his story Clemessen suggested nothing more or less to make, because of military reasons, to produce a vaccine against the virus in children in the wilds of Africa and leukemia in radioactive areas and causes AIDS. And in children in the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Zimbabwe are strangely not only found antibodies against the AIDS virus but is also against the ‘equine infectious anemia virus “in horses that causes AIDS. And then I knew where that story about AIDS horse had read earlier, namely in the medical annals of Nazi Germany, but when it was still called “The ansteckende Blutarmut der Pferde”.

Cytomegalovirus CMV
The CVM is also known as giant protozoan cell or ‘bird eye cell’ called. The herpes virus causes a strong swell, especially white blood cells after they have become infected with the virus. In addition to causing a virus-specific immunity in the host, the disease also leads a decrease of cellular immunity with strong overall reduction of certain white blood cells, “helper cells” or T4 cells. Also, the number of T8 cells in the body, T8 cells are cells that your T4 cells destroy to prevent an infection explodes, a phenomenon that in AIDS patients and T4/T8 ratio, ie CD4 + / CD8 + ratio, a notorious sound. A decrease in this ratio below a certain value leads to AIDS.
The virus is mainly spread by urine and saliva, sexual contact, blood transfusion, organ transplantation and infection from the mother of the fetus which can lead to intrauterine death or fetal malformations. The immune response against CMV is largely cellular nature. The aforementioned phenomena are also infected with mycosis fungoides. Furthermore, the virus obviously plays a deadly role in AIDS patients. The table below shows the global rate of infection in blood donors again:

Table of Krech

The prevalence of antibodies against CMV in blood donors in cities of all continents in 1973.

City                                         Country                       Percentage of contamination
Lyon                                       France                                                 40
Freiburg                                  Germany                                             42
St. Gallen                               Switzerland                                        45
Albany                                    USA                                                   45
Melbourne                              Australia                                            54
Stockholm                               Sweden                                              60
Manchester                             England                                              61
Houston                                  USA                                                   79
Buenos Aires                          Argentina                                           81
Hong Kong                             China                                                  96
Entebbe                                  Uganda                                              100
Manila                                    Philippines                                        100
Chandigarh                             India                                                   100

To be continued….