Opinion: AIDS-the greatest crime in medical history, Part 5 of 20

-The Wistar Institute, the USA Home Made Evil & the truth about the origin of DNA recombination techniques worldwide-  By Johan van Dongen, Rotterdam, the Netherlands – Since the science from the second half of last century the microcosm of bacteria and viruses still were better known and therefore the cause of many infectious diseases, the interest part of the military for the cause of many infectious diseases gradually grown as much that even for scientific research have become highly dependent on the value ascribed to the military establishment. Especially the two World Wars and the Cold War that strong catalytic worked on the flight that science has taken. Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3, Part 4,

The spread of the disease AIDS around the world and the mysteries about the origin and exact nature of the spread of this disease, the debate about the dangers of genetic engineering and biological warfare significantly stimulated. There is even the case that AIDS or HIV especially in American laboratories in laboratory animals has been developed to curb population growth in the developing world. Supporters of this theory rely on the genocide including in official government documents from the seventies showing that the depopulation of the Third World at that time in American foreign policy the highest priority. In particular, the National Security Study Memorandum in 1974 (NSSM 200), written by the then security adviser U.S. Government, Dr. Henry Kissinger, would revealing such information.

Or AIDS is indeed the result of a sinister American foreign policy, America will naturally respond negatively, but nobody will deny that in American and African American research scientists had willingly their services in the development and implementation of top-secret military projects under biological warfare, although the names of those institutions do not always suspect.

In the U.S. the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), the relationship is clear, but the names of institutions like the British Porton Down, the French Institute Pasteur and the German Max Planck Institute reveal little or nothing of what happened in the institutes happening.

USA Home-Made Evil
The Russian-born biologist Jakob Segal, a professor at Humboldt University
in the former GDR, holds a very special view about the origin of AIDS after. This scientist is convinced that AIDS was created in the laboratory. In a pamphlet published by him in 1986 “AIDS: USA Home-Made Evil, he claims that HIV was created by two existing viruses ‘to tie’. That could be done in the laboratory at Fort Detrick in Maryland, the headquarters of the U.S. program for chemical and biological warfare. The virus would be the end of 1978 were tested on prisoners who had made them available in exchange for an early release. Because there are no symptoms developed within six months, the tests were considered failed and the prisoners were released. According to Segal have some of those who were homosexual, at the end of the seventies the first AIDS infections in the United States caused.
Such a theory, given the historical course of the disease likely because scientists were in the fifties already able to artificially HIV in laboratory animals, including people eds.,, and of course also within the Wistar Institute of Koprowski.

Koprowski and The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia USA
A well-known and much needed and cultured in the laboratory rat is called Wistar rat, which takes its name from the famous Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. Offspring of Wistar rats that are all around the world in laboratories, among other species such as Holzman, the Long Evans, Osborn and Mendelrat. These are not always normal rats. Some of it has been targeted by certain  even with the house mouse are removed such jokes. All over the world every year tens of millions of mice bred for animal testing. Animal experiments in the early seventies in our Dutch laboratories were performed.

The Wistar Institute of mouse AIDS
Since 1920 we grown to serve the cancer research inbred strains which spontaneously develop tumors. Currently there are around the world 200 different strains of mice, each one specific feature. Thus, the roller a typical mouse brain disorder, the mouse obesity an abnormality in metabolism and the SCID SCID-mouse and stands for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (AIDS) as you, dear reader, in one of my previous chapters have read. And in this mouse with recombinant DNA techniques, a fully deregulated immune built. These mice are used for advanced research on the impact of AIDS-causing retroviruses in living organisms.

AIDS Research in mice
Because it is not easy in laboratory animals to the disease AIDS activities;
So one has in mice with an impaired immune genetic engineering built. Because these mice, which already has a genetic form of AIDS and therefore called SCID mice, injecting them with human lymphocytes in which the HIV virus is, scientists can examine the functioning of this human retrovirus more closely. After some years with the SCID mice have experimented, discovered under- researchers only in 1990 to their horror that when two viruses in the HIV-infected cells came together, they share their genetic material exchanged and new hybrids or “hybrid viruses’ created. And still more happened, because in mice that were accidentally infected with retroviruses their own, these mice showed that retroviruses their genetic material, including the coding for the cell structure, exchanged with the human retrovirus HIV.

Worldwide bold retro-virologist, including Howard Temin, so much that she wondered if it went too far and whether it still felt like mice in this way be used for AIDS research. Later research has indeed shown that AIDS viruses spectacular ‘recombinogenic’ are. It is therefore not surprising that AIDS-causing retroviruses in vaccines have dramatically recombined. Only, the scientists knew in the fifties yet.

Human nuclear guinea pigs “human rats”
Porton Down in the fifties frequently experiments with DNA recombination and radiation techniques, use was made of viruses that infect bacteria. This bacteria viruses or bacteriophages are able to multiply himself in a bacterium and then to kill the bacteria.
The total cycle, that is to say, the contamination, the injection of viral DNA in the bacterium, reproducing, replicating the virus DNA in the bacteria and killing the bacteria which also new virus particles are released – may be completed in 20 minutes. In some cases, viruses in a nest without directly killing bacteria. Thereby multiplying the viruses with their hosts. Such virus-infected bacteria can fester very long, so the bacteria have infected one million descendants can get without the body alarm. Only after an external signal that can be ultraviolet light, radiation or a toxic substance, the bacteria disintegrate (lyse) and there will be tens of millions of virus particles. They feel if it were the doom coming and kill their bacterial hosts. That means a serious attack on the human immune system in a short time to produce antibodies. This intense immune reaction of the body causing high, sometimes hemorrhagic (bleeding) fever. Moreover, the viruses immediately look for other bacteria that infect.

Since the fifties has been discovered that much radioactive viruses can make an artificial way to some viruses infected bacteria. Especially in the intestine occurring E. coli bacteria infections such artificial prove very suitable. Because when one is already aware of the threat that the DNA recombination with them, in these experiments were first infected intestinal bacteria “crippled” made so they are not in the intestines of humans and animals could maintain.

That the DNA recombination even at Porton Down experiments have yielded interesting, appears from a report published in 1996, “Human nuclear guinea pigs’ of British Peace Movement, it is written that Porton Down in the fifties, commissioned by the British Ministry of Defense, various radiation experiments on 200 of his own staff has done. The dutiful officials were injected with radioactive substances or substances had to breathe. Furthermore, the ignorant staff put food that contained a dozen radioactive substances, including the very dangerous elements technetium and strontium. But what of the Fall Out in Sub Saharan Countries after the many atomic bomb tests in the Sahara … ..? A Fall Out who landed on innocent black skinned people who just were vaccinated with heavily soiled and recombined DNA vaccines. Of course those innocent monkeys from the jungle were no vaccinations, but the radioactivity with equally disastrous results. Not to mention the mycotoxins and aflatoxins by aircraft sprayed around machinery. The yellow rain …! Do you still dear reader ..? Agents also can cause AIDS, but more on that later.

President Bill Clinton I.

Nuclear Experiment with disabilities in the USA
Experiments with radioactive food to humans, have not just confined to Britain. On December 28, 1993 the Times announced that between 1946 and 1956 twenty mentally ill in the United States were fed radioactive food. According to the U.S. newspaper Boston Globe did so in the context of nuclear experiments during the Cold War. Out the testing for the disabled were researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University concerned. Subjects were adolescents between 15 and 17 years without the knowledge of their parents were subjected to the experiments. They started the day with a breakfast with their radioactive milk was presented. The Times also reports that the many recent revelations about nuclear experiments on such people, the Secretary of State for Energy, Hazal O’Leary, has ordered an internal investigation and that all official documents be made public. In 1995 gave President Clinton officially apologized for the many nuclear experiments during the Cold War people were executed.

President Bill Clinton II.

Experiments on blacks in the USA
Washington: U.S. President Clinton is planning on behalf of the federal government formally apologize for a medical experiment, in which hundreds of black men with syphilis were denied medication members. The initiative is part of a comprehensive agenda, which Clinton then wanted to work on improving race relations in America. To the notorious Tuskegee experiment, started in 1932 just before the start of the German national socialism, is only an end in 1972.
The U.S. has since the project became public, ten million U.S. dollars in damages paid out, but apologies are never made. During the forty years that the experiment lasted 399 impoverished black men are kept unaware of their disease. They were not treated.
The federal public health service through the experiment wanted to learn more about how venereal disease is spread and its victims.
According to the White House during a public ceremony, Clinton apologized for the misbehavior of the state.
The Tuskegee experiment, named after the place in Alabama where it was carried out for America’s black community to this day a metaphor for mistrust of the government.
President Clinton had time improving race relations high on the agenda for his second term put. In his inauguration speech on January 20, 1997, he spoke about racial division as “America’s constant curse.”
Clintons’ staff explored several options for the president to shape its mission. Beneath it was a conference he chaired on race and creating a platform modeled on the famous Kerner Commission. It came in 1968 concluded that “the U.S. is moving toward two societies, one black and one white.

What Clinton does not mention it is that fifteen years after stopping the deadly syphilis experiments on blacks the number of cases of this dreaded disease in sex blacks increased by 132% while the disease in whites decreased by 69%. The scientists had apparently found what they were, namely: the distribution of specific microorganisms with vaccinations among black skinned people with roots from Africa. But what about the veneral disease explosion for instance in Zimbabwe?

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore USA I
In a 1968 study, conducted by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and funded by the U.S. military, is one of the conclusions that the ‘infectious anemia of horses, horses AIDS “a model for an autoimmune disease, similar to a disease which also occurs in humans and that is by insects could be transferred. Especially the latter would offer great potential for experimental manipulations for further research into the spread of pathogenic micro-organisms. According to Squire, author of equine infectious anemia, a model of immune proliferative disease “, such experiments might well be performed in Africa.
During investigations they found in African countries, a lenti-virus in humans is identical with the horse AIDS virus.

And it is precisely at this university where the sixties at the expense of U.S. forces AIDS experiments were performed on dogs, monkeys and humans. In the same military laboratories have also conducted experiments to be infected with AIDS-causing viruses from insects to transfer.

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA II
At Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the first U.S. tests of a recombined DNA vaccine to prevent cervical cancer in humans, successful. It is a vaccine against human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease causing genital warts and is considered responsible for most cases of uterine neck cancer. If the further tests are positive, the vaccine will be within a few years on the market. According to Dr. Schiller, the results of the investigation made, young girls and boys in the future vaccinated before being sexually active age.
Why boys? Well, says Schiller, not because they can get it, but because they can transmit the virus.

The British Defence Minister Michael Portillo
Also in Porton Down where commissioned by the British government a piece of biological warfare and was simulated with E-coli bacteria were distributed to the population of London as a target.

Thereupon the British Minister of Defence, Michael Portillo, the parliament held accountable. These whilst admitting that between 1964 and 1977 indeed field experiments with potential pathogenic bacteria were carried out, but he said also on behalf of a number of other politicians: “The experiments have only been intended to prevent the spread of such bacteria mapping. Scientists have called the bacteria harmless. No one has therefore something to fear. ” Portillo said.

But even those who want to believe that in this case actually completely harmless bacteria were made, the question remains what are infected with coli bacteria Porton Down, or ever actually ” wanted to introduce a biological war.

From the foregoing it becomes clear that military personnel are involved in DNA recombination research and especially in Porton Down for many years research into the possibilities for all kinds of viruses to build within the intestinal tract coli bacteria, bacilli by their misguided jacket and deadly weapons are extremely effective, this will indeed by the human body recognizes as foreign. Addition of bacteria known to spread very easily. If such a virus infected with a deadly E. coli bacteria in the intestine is able to nest, she will emerge as a tiny but highly effective Trojan horse.

The truth about the origin of DNA recombination techniques worldwide
In the year 1978 was not only in the United States and Great Britain but also in the Netherlands, with the famous Laboratory for Applied Physics Research TNO Rijswijk, the discussion about guidelines for DNA recombination research is only in preparation. In fact there were no regulatons at all.

And to think that the discovery of DNA structure by Franklin H. and Jack S. Cohen held until 1977 then you, dear reader, to imagine how dangerous it has operated at that time. One can recombinant DNA work of military and public scientists summarized as working on the edge of a volcano whose outcome is invisible. In 1978 there were only a few concepts worldwide published guidelines set existed when they were not just planning:

United States of America
As published in 1978, the National Institutes of Health, Washington, DC: Department of Health, Education and Welfare as follows: Recombinant DNA research: The Proposed revised guidelines, in: Federal Register 43 (1978) 146 (28 July), so only the announcement or dating guidelines should be in relation to working with Recombinant DNA techniques.

United Kingdom
On November 2, 1978 has a major committee of the British government agreed on guidelines relating to working with recombinant DNA techniques. This committee, the Genetic Manipulations Advisory Group published the decision in the British journal Nature: Genetic manipulation: new guidelines for UK. Nature 276 (1978) 5684 (Nov. 9)

Germany also coincidentally published in 1978: Richtlinien zum Schutz vor Gefharen duch neucombinierte Nukleinsauren in vitro. Bonn: Der Bundesminister fur Forschung und Technologie, 1978. 24 p. bijlg.

There were only a few like Paul Berg of Stanford University who rang the bell and proclaim the dangers to the attention of the general public. He failed.

Nicholas Wade also ventured an attempt with his thesis: The ultimate experiment, man-made evolution, New York, published by Walker and Company.

Wade also clearly explains what the new DNA techniques actually entail and what they may lead to industrial applications. He points particularly to the dangers that arise when these techniques into the wrong hands. In military hands or through improper intentions of people, or people who do not comply with the testing of dangerous vaccines on humans in Africa.

Michael Rogers also tells in his book of the moment the fact that moral and scientific concerns of DNA recombination studies confront each other in Biohazard: New York: Knopf, 1977. P. 209.

And beside him the same opponent David Baltimore tried with its publication: Limiting science: a biologist perspective, in Daedalus: spring 1978, volume 107 No. 2 of the Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Science. P. 37-45.
And in that same magazine I also found an article by Loren R. Graham, Concerns About Science and Attempts to Regulate Inquiry, spring 1978; limits of scientific inquiry, vol. 107 No. 2 of the Proceedings of the American Arts and Science. Graham Stated: The conversation about the risks of science raises sense only if one distinguishes between different types of risk and the different types of measures against which one wants to take.
And finally a few of the many examples that I can put forward to indicate that the discussion in 1978 about running recombinant DNA techniques still in its infancy, the statements of Edward Hart Tree et al in 1977: Laboratory employees have a moral obligation the necessary precautions. They publish it under the title: Safety in Biological Laboratories. London: Biochemical Society Special Publication 5.

And in The Netherlands?
In the Netherlands we had a committee who spoke on Recombinant DNA: the risks and social implications on 13 June 1978 in Groningen on behalf of the Association of Scientific Researchers.

Worldwide, especially in 1975 the danger of working with recombinant DNA techniques discussed. However, until that moment there was no evidence available that the theoretical and potential risks that could disprove it could provide. Scientists did just what they wanted. This fact says a lot about the functioning of scientific intellectuals with big titles, not to mention the period before that time. Scientists have not only then but even now the society is made subordinate to science. Scientists have pushed the boundaries and thus increases the tension between what is and is not permissible. They have a conscious way their fellow man exposed to risks without their knowledge.
The doings of science practice behind closed doors has led to determine how our society looks like and that’s mostly because scientists rather easily in the service of small but powerful interest groups. And this courtship, for example in countries like Zimbabwe, Zaire, South Africa and Uganda had an AIDS explosion.

The International Criminal Court in The Hague would forever have to prosecute these criminals alone, AIDS patients have not had the time so we will have to do so and to include in this way. Therefore, together with Chapter 5 of 20 also the sixth article published.

Oh yeah, in the Netherlands we also report the DNA forum Information Science Department at the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, the advisory board of the Dutch government on June 13, 1978 in the exhibition hall in Utrecht, the Netherlands. See Part 6 or 20.

To be continued….