Opinion: AIDS the greatest crime in medical history, part 3 of 20

-Hillary Koprowski and the origin and spread of AIDS- By Johan van Dongen, The Hague, the Netherlands – The affordable alternative to Hillary Koprowski. Despite all progress in the first years after World War II in the fight against polio had been made, demand for a cheaper to produce vaccine to date. The Sabin vaccine is to provide a permanent immunity against polio, but the production was very high. Why did Hillary Koprowski, an American of Polish origin, developed  a new method to eradicated the polio problem quickly. The vaccine was indeed easy within monkey kidney cells to produce, but the extract from polio infected monkey kidney tissue thus obtained, was so badly filtered that only bacteria to the substance have been withdrawn, while in monkey tissue resident deadly viruses freely were passed. Anyone with the contaminated vaccine from Koprowski was handled, thus willingly received viruses that do not occur naturally in humans.

After Koprowski vaccines are cheap in the United States had been tested on twenty mentally handicapped children from a mental health facility in New York, he decided the massive preparation to serve in Africa and not first in the United States for which he never get any permission.

To implement its first major immunization, he settled in the Belgian Congo. He built a laboratory building at Camp Lindi in Stanleyville, now called Kisangani, and took out the final tests by all black animal keepers with Chat l-type vaccine to vaccinate. Apparently the results to him were satisfactory and  as quickly as possible in the northeast of the present Federal Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, in the current mass of people in the fifties, he rounded up and directed them massively to vaccination stations. There they were, mostly by Belgian doctors and nurses, the polio-active vaccine with long needles into the open mouths sprayed. The exact number of doses is not known. But estimates indicate that approximately one quarter of a million men women and children with the strongly contaminated vaccine Type l-Chat is inoculated.

About the real impact of the Congo vaccine in this former Belgian colony, thanks to a relentless stream of violent conflicts, to date nothing officially announced. From the late fifties, the black population of the Federal Republic of the Congo affected by many diseases whose cause seems difficult to trace. What people have by now discovered that in case of the polio vaccinations two different methods were used. Hundreds of thousands of Africans were “sprayed” while contrast to the white “caps” were awarded. The latter method has the advantage that when the vaccine is not viral and bacterial infections in the mouth and esophagus can occur, because the capsule is only dissolved in the stomach.  Moreover, a vaccine in a capsule keeps better. In any case, the pause for thought that the application of the spray vaccine in Belgium itself, and whites living in the colony was banned.

That the vaccine of Koprowski causes very dangerous side effects is shown in 1959, because of a publication on May 14th of that year when Sabin published an article in the British Medical Journal explaining that he has found an unknown cell-killing virus in the polio vaccine of Koprowski.

The thus attacked American scientist, who had vaccinated only black-skinned people massively in the former Belgian Congo, did not respond to this serious accusation. He was nevertheless accepted by a committee of American Congress called to account, which he took off a statement that he developed a chat-type vaccine which was indeed very much contaminated with numerous serious monkey viruses. Despite the fact that now hundreds of thousands of people are dangerous vaccine-treated, that confession would only mean that Koprowski quietly disappeared from the scientific stage. But his work is dated and can be accounted for and the dying Africans now know that aids causing viruses does not jump to them by accident but deliberately. Some persons even think one can speak of genocide which should be bring to the international court of law in the Haque the Netherlands.

In one of the next chapters I will give you more details about a discussion in June1978 in the Netherlands about the contamination of vaccines by, amongst many other speakers, Professor H.H. Cohen.

Professor H.H. Cohen, who was one of the panelists of an inquiry committee that the speakers questioned as a physician and bacteriologist about safe safety aspects in the preparation of vaccines. Cohen, director of the National Institute for Public Health RIV Bilthoven the Netherlands at that time and on behalf of the government responsible for the manufacture and investigator of dangerous and contaminated vaccines, in a question to Bart Kempinga, member of the Union of Scientific Investigators VWO, stated:

” I noticed Kempinga sir, that you hold an entirely different argument than was in the documents you have sent us in advance. Mr. Kempinga, biologist at the University of Groningen the Netherlands eds., I’m a little bit with the following problem. I have your documents sent in advance where you got the latest development of your research indicates. And on page 3 you say, you must forgive me that I was starting to, because it regards the preparations easier and you will undoubtedly have that sentence read: “Legislation on a national scale and international treaties seem unfeasible for us the risks of the applications of research to control, given the anarchy of interest that hit our world.

You ended your argument by saying that this can only continue if there exists a global social structure. Are not you a little too pessimistic in your questioning the value of the social structures that are internationally at the moment already exist? Of course I have limited experience and I have, also told by the President of this investigative board, Professor F. Stafleu (eds.) – heard in my life that I’ve dealt with dangerous vaccines. Not so, I can assure you. We just try to make them harmless! It is known that in the preparation of such vaccines include certain components could be released. Let me give you an example: it is known that live polio vaccine, also in inactivated polio vaccine, the two forms leukemia, which you currently on television learns that it contains a tumor virus, namely, the Simian Vacuolating Virus SV40. That viruses (which causes AIDS eds.) have been originally in the polio vaccine, has been discovered only later (after de vaccines had been administered by Salk, Sabin and Koprowski eds.) Then there are the international level, within the framework of the WTO, which established requirements that vaccines should meet. The wonder is that this international community from many countries in East and West are becoming a general consensus on this issue began to emerge, partly socially enforced was because they knew that each other’s preparations would recover.”

Fighting polio in Uganda to a new Sabin vaccine
It was Huckstep (1975) who published the following: The poliovirus has three main types: Type 1 (Brunhild), Type 2 (Lansing) and Type 3 (Leon). Although in most African countries almost exclusively Type 1 occurred, but not in Uganda. Within the epidemic in Uganda in 1965 they found Brunhild, Lansing as well as Leon. For this unique polio epidemic had been a special need Sabin trivalent vaccine. The financial resources of the newly independent state of Uganda, however, were not reaching the vaccine sufficiently to purchase. Substantial financial donations of American and British institutions were established to study and combat polio with six million doses of the trivalent Sabin vaccine in the Ugandan population. It was post explicitly warned people not to vaccinate or throat infections members. Nurses and doctors were also enjoined the temperature of the vaccine regularly. This temperature was between plus 2 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Some years later one is going to realize that it is very coincidental that many Africans after the vaccination programs against polio with mysterious diseases appear are infected. Initially, the relationship with the Congolese vaccination programs were not laid until the early eighties when officially a number of American homosexuals caught the HIV-virus, a virus that is much similar to the SIV-virus that occurs in monkeys. An increasing number of publications indicates that AIDS infections have occurred through contaminated vaccines. Unofficially we know now that a few of the most important publications was the moment of the Belgian researcher Desmeyter* and Thijs* proved otherwise. Aids already existed the say and widespread in Africa, and the CDC, the WHO, the American, Dutch, English and many other governments as well as the pharmaceutical, military and medical establishments knew about this. Or can’t they read as I do…?

Desmeyter and his investigation of Aids in the Mama Yemo Hospital in1959 Belgian Congo stated; “AIDS is certainly not a new phenomenon, as discussed by the establishments eds., has been demonstrated by retrospective study as it is performed on blood taken from patients at the Mama Yemo hospital in Leopoldville, Kinshasa. The hospital that was led by employees of the U.S. government and the CDC, has a crucial role in the investigation of various infections that occur after severe resistance reduction after vaccination campaigns. Research on African patients with decreased blood has shown that antibodies to HIV in 1959 were found. This means that patients at the Mama Yemo hospital in that year were infected with the deadly vaccines, and only much later in the eighties with American homosexual men ‘discovered’ AIDS-virus.”

It was the Flemish AIDS researcher and expert Desmeyter who took this blood, which is still located in the cooler archives of the Belgian-American company Janssen Pharmaceutica, for examination. Another study found the same phenomenon in both adult men and women in the former Belgian Congo which were vaccinated against polio with contaminated vaccines. At international conferences in Brussels and Paris, respectively in 1985 and 1986, the results of this study presented by him and elsewhere by others like Forthal* and Saxinger*.

United Nations discovered AIDS in Africa
With the arrival of UN observers in the former Belgian Congo, in addition to the medical assistance offered to get the country Zaire out of the swamp, but the character changes. Medici from then on in the former Belgian colony went to work discovered to their surprise. It was noticed secretly that a great many Zairians had become ill after taking the Koprowski vaccine and the Belgians in the former colony at that time lived and worked, after polio vaccinations not become ill. But they noticed also that Koprowski, who is of Polish origin, had next to the spray method also include a capsule method developed and applied to three thousand Poles who were not sick either.
When the Belgian professor Daniel Vangroenweghe this curious phenomenon in Poland wanted to investigate, he ran into a wall of reluctance to healthcare offices there.
It is incomprehensible that for Koprowski dangerous live vaccine spray method chosen, because he must have known that after administration of oral cavity and esophagus can be infected with viruses because he knew they were there. When using a capsule that cannot happen because the vaccine can only be resolved in the stomach, in addition, a vaccine in capsule form is better kept while in a vaccine in spray form this is certainly not the case while the spray-vaccine also is exposed to a much higher, too high, temperature. What happened exactly, would presumably not be traced. As far as the Belgian and American authorities at the time the application of the spray vaccine in Zaire and in the European homeland concerns polio vaccines for their own residents especially children are prohibited.

The American Congress, the CDC, the NIH and WHO failing
The United States Congress was shocked by the relentless flow of allegations mainly caused turmoil in the United States. The Congress resolved only in the nineties, almost forty years after the first vaccinations, acclaimed in Philadelphia-based Wistar Institute to approach asking for a commission to draw the serious charges on their merits investigation.
This request from the U.S. government to investigate into the pollution production of the polio vaccine we cannot consider as an in-depth research made since the same institute Koprowski vaccine was prepared. Although this gave the established Wistar Panel, consisting of six members who later mocked the “Wistar Six” are called, commissioned, the old samples to test their merits. More surprising is that the Wistar Institute in turn commissioned to laboratories of the U.S. CDC and World Health Organization WHO, exactly two institutions have been responsible for mass vaccinations in Africa. It is therefore quite understandable that the two laboratories never inconclusive about the true infection of the Koprowski vaccine. So far one has, despite repeated requests, refused the vaccine from Koprowski abandoned for an independent investigation. Indeed, Hillary Koprowski in the sixties and seventies as head of the virology department worked in the same Wistar Institute. And if you follow him a bit further, you come to him as vice chairman at a congress in which Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of the retrovirus which causes aids, with evidence came to SV40 virus infection in vaccines. However, it remains Wistar categorically deny all allegations but, I think, as the ultimate all Judases perishes so shall also the Wistar Institute, the CDC and WHO perish.

And what to think about the depicted comment of Leonard Peruski concerning an article of Frides Lameris:

Leonard Peruski**:
“Sorry, conversation over. You did not answer my question – the French proved Koch’s postulates on HIV-1 and HIV-2 and their relationship to AIDS decades ago. DVM Van Dongen has no laboratory or research experience in this area. His work has been discredited.”

In the next publication I will show Peruski that I can read and I will elaborate on said within the chapter called: “Hillary Koprowski and the Factory of medical, military, political and pharmaceutical Comrades. And how they used genetic engineering techniques to bind diseases onto the genes of black skinned people”. And I will prove that Thabo Mbeki has the absolute prove given by me to state: “black skinned-people has been made susceptible for diseases by the application of genetic engineering programs for linking diseases onto specific genes.”

I will, dear reader, write about scientific Japanese, German and American scientific vassals with equally meaningless scientific and academic titles because there oath to Hypocrates is even meaningless as well.

Comrades of the establishments, who knew each other from the ‘nazi era’ and post war period where the Rockefellers were the boss. And who paid the bill ….? Africa of course because they are dying with the millions! And Leonard Peruski of the CDC? I will introduce him to you dear readers below. Perhaps he could give some answers about the publications presented below and the forthcoming 16 publications, for homework reasons! And yes, I started as a laboratory animal keepers assistant, the lowest grade you can imagine. And of course because of this very low grade I will take the position of the famous David, but it is also certain that I know now the position of Goliath Leonard Peruski**, and we all know how that story has ended.

**Leonard Peruski’s Summary and most of his institutions who were deeply involved in the dramatic outburst of AIDS in Africa as I will show within the next chapter.

Dr Peruski is Chief, Laboratory Section, International Emerging Infections Program, Thailand, of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He joined CDC from the Indiana University School of Medicine, Northwest Center, where he was Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology (Infectious Disease) and Assistant Director for Research and Graduate Studies. Dr. Peruski did graduate studies at the University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ann Arbor and following postdoctoral work in Denver at the National Jewish Hospital, joined the National Institutes of Health at Bethesda, Maryland. In 1994 he accepted a commission in the US Navy and was stationed at the Naval Medical Research Unit 3, Cairo, Egypt, where he led a team of laboratorians studying infectious causes of diarrheal disease as well as conducting trials of investigational vaccines and drugs. In 1999 he was transferred to the Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, as Head, Microbiology Program, Biological Defense Research Directorate (BDRD). During his tenure at BDRD, he was named Chief Scientist, overseeing the research mission of the program. In addition to extensive experience with special pathogens and other infectious disease agents, he has worked on many field assignments domestically and internationally. Notably, he served as the commander of the joint Department of Defense team that deployed to New York City with the CDC in the aftermath of the anthrax attack in 2001. In 2002 he again led a field team of military scientists that provided rapid biological detection capability to the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Dr. Peruski is also an adjunct faculty member at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, and a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy Reserves. He has authored or co-authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications, textbook chapters, and patents in microbiology and emerging infectious diseases.


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