Opinion: AIDS the greatest crime in medical history, Part 14 of 20.

By Johan van Dongen – My books; ‘Aids the greatest crime in medical history’ and ‘Pleading for the Ape’ is about juggling with micro-organisms and also genetically manipulating them to the detriment of humans. It is the description of a never reported deadly plot against humankind. It is also very difficult to obtain objective information about diseases like AIDS and what exactly scientists are developing in pharmaceutical, medical and military laboratories.

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Information that does not reach ordinary citizens because it is packed in scientific jargon in a way that people cannot do anything with it, and that is the intention. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of indiscriminate scientists, politicians and soldiers. And with our well-being as well as our medical and spiritual health they arranged a very dangerous deal with science. Moreover, this is precisely why their statements and actions must be very critically listened, observed and checked in an independent manner.

Summary of the previous thirteen articles
With my story about the ‘Origin and Spread of Aids’ I have tried to reach ordinary people and those scientist or medical care workers who wants to know the truth. Within these, sometimes to extensive, reports it is not in the least intended as a requiem for those animals and humans which became victims annually by scientific hassle for personal gain. It is certainly not an easy story to tell for which I have offend the establishments, because they always will state, as has happened with the South African President Thabo Mbeki, it is a non-existent plot. Established systems prefer to keep it in the statement that AIDS is spread by eating monkeys.

If someone suggests that AIDS has spread among people who depend on donated blood, blood products, people who have undergone organ transplantation or who is inoculated with contaminated vaccines then only then can the world realizes that virtually everyone with a little luck, will become an AIDS patient. What causes AIDS and other life threatening diseases such as Ebola and tuberculosis in recent decades in such an aggressive manifestation was and is hardly subject of thorough research. And not only aids are developed in laboratories but Ebola as well as I will describe within the next article.

A comprehensive analysis of tens of thousands (popular) scientific publications calls for a final theory that the origin and spread of AIDS and many other diseases should not be attributed to random natural phenomena, but to the results of biomedical and military action. Each researcher knows about the postulates of Robert Koch, Louis Pasteur and Edward Jenner who started the systematic exchange of pathogenic microorganisms between humans and animals. And they were very well aware of the risks associated with their experiments stuck. Experiments that focus entirely on the manipulation of the human immune system and as a result, soldiers and scientists made specific groups of people highly susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. Nobody can predict what the consequences of these scientific developments over the past hundred years will ultimately be, but it does think of the worst.

The achievements of genetic research, which should be focused on describing a possible cure for genetic diseases, are indeed an entirely different purpose served and mainly military. And after the war it was the CIA that recruited German and Japanese scientists into U.S. secret military laboratories to continue their criminal work against humanity and still using babies, children, Jews, gypsies, mentally handicapped, prisoners, soldiers and especially many blacks.

Based on extensive literature search and experimental research, I have shown that new infections have been created by human hands. It is certain that particularly in the former Belgian Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and South Africa irresponsibly vaccines are tested in a quest for vaccines against an ever-changing virus.

To be continued….