Opinion: AIDS the greatest crime in medical history. Accountability to Ozodi Thomas Osuji and the African community for white folk actions, Part 19 of 20.

By Johan van Dongen, the Netherlands – So far, governments, military and medical establishments held mankind and especially the ignorant Africans as suppressed subjects to the emergence of new diseases as AIDS and Ebola. More and more tendencies, whether spiritual, alternative groupings or just people with a normal common sense, they will increasingly demand answers from science and authorities about the real origin and spread of Aids, Ebola and other diseases. It is not only for them but for mankind as a whole and it is important to know that the controllers on earth must start accepting responsibility for the African human beings. Those responsible for the emergence of iatrogenic diseases should understand that they may have no power which they have appropriated themselves about flora and fauna to rule. They should cease to use humans and animals for their criminal purposes but just support traditional African healers with their resources requested in the search for solutions to diseases.


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In Western countries, read white, with our elitist attitude, we have a blind eye to the real needs of Africans. So-called elite institutions that black people manipulate and dominate, should rightly be made about the devastating effects they have done on the African continent.

Western senior soldiers, scientists and politicians must now, with the second millennium, just behind the back, realize what exactly the last two hundred years took place on the African continent. Africa is used as a dumping ground for drugs, for testing of drugs and for exposing people to bio-warfare products. And deliveries of war material to the wrong regimes have adversely affected the continent as well. Actually you could say that the rest of the world, Africa and its people have been seriously been abused and degraded as if it seems that there are no people walking around in Africa with brains. And yet Africans are in the same way products of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics realized as whites. So where the white rulers are they entitled  to treat blacks unfairly? We in the West still do not realize that there is a black American president and that blacks in top positions throughout the world sit or sat? Of course we do, but to what extend nowadays if we look over the African continent?

Forty years of life I have given to my investigations for telling my story about AIDS, Ebola and many other diseases in order to scrape everything together to provide some counterweight to the destructive way in which Africans have dealt with whites. I can say I am ashamed. Yes. I can also say that I can understand the suffering of Africans. Yes. But every word from a white mouth seems as empty as the promises that whites do to the continent to Africa to get on top. The only thing that really holds water is as I describe that African are intelligent enough to their own lives and that, as western meddling is not made, they themselves are in a position to lift the African continent in the course of humanity to the top of dams. We, read white folk, will have to learn and to listen and to study what people like Thomas Osuji Ozodi writes in Opinion on the website ‘Shout-Africa.com’. And if this writer asks himself anno 2011; “Why black folks were abused and degraded by other races”, there must be with us, white folk, still a light come on? There must be ring a bell in our white minds….?


Ozodi Thomas Osuji: “For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to know why the other races of mankind, especially the white race abused and degraded the black race. I have considered this question from every possible angle and yet did not seem to answer it satisfactorily. It was only recently when I forced myself to grapple with the implications of Quantum Mechanics that I seem to get a handle on my question. It simply did not add up for the universe to allow one particular race, black folk, to be insulted in every which way human beings could insult each other if there was no reason for it.”

Of course I can tell him with tears in my eyes why other races have abused and degraded the black race. In fact I have told this to him and all Africans within eighteen articles in Opinion about ‘the origin and spread of Aids’. We, the Western civilization, has cut off African cultures from the traditional roots and the rest of the world cultures. We, especially the Dutch, have captured Africans and brought them to America for our own profits. We make money out of blacks. That must be the answer….! It is a disgrace I can say but where does it really go wrong? It will be most certainly not Alexander the Great…! Although he was white also.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji can call upon Alexander the Great and ask him why he didn’t prevent the down flow of Africa instead of giving them an opening by bringing the African people into the stream of ancient civilizations? But…, Alexander didn’t explore the Nile and as a consequence interior Africa African people have been isolated from the rest of the world.


Also striking is that Ozodi Thomas Osuji discussed the presence of mosquitoes and why white folk did not penetrate Africa until the nineteenth century?


Within one of my previous articles I have explained to him and the Africans that white folk has developed diseases and put them with genetic engineering techniques into African mosquitoes in order to kill black folks.  And that is why the type of mosquitoes in Central Africa are different from normal mosquitoes in Africa. I can imagine that my answers will not be very satisfactory to him. Of course it isn’t…!


Ozodi’s statement: “As it were, nature was preserving Africans for a different type of civilization, the one that Africans are best suited for and the type they would lead the world into, a civilization based on love. Nature did not want to corrupt Africans by making them behave as the other races of mankind behaved, hatefully.


All human beings, white, black and oriental are the same and are coequal. Intelligence is distributed in the same pattern in all the races. As everywhere else a few Africans have superior intelligence, some have above average intelligence and most of them are average and a handful is mentally retarded. If Africans are the same as other people so why were they backward?”


Dear Ozodi, in my investigations about ‘Aids the greatest crime in medical history’ I have explained why white folk has put black skinned people backward and I will do so otherwise within this chapter. And we, the white folk, all knew that Africans are intrinsically interested in understanding the meaning of love around them and the world they see. Africans want to understand the implications of their living in matter and seem of matter and yet have consciousness that they are more than matter. I know that but still we, the whitish,  are with a few because my investigation as a whistle blower has passed through a very lot of difficulties for exposing the real facts in the western world about what really happened on the African continent.  And yes, Europe has exhausted itself, and it will continue to do so. Therefore it is now time for Africans to take over the reins of human civilization and to take your continent to a higher phase of civilization yourself.   But never, NEVER, be grateful to the whites for what we have done for all of you because we are too much in debt. We absolutely do not deserve that gratitude. On the contrary I would say. Of course you have the right to say that love means union with all beings I cannot deny that. To be truly human is to love all people. Black folks do love; they love white folks despite white folk’s abuse of them. All those facts are true, only…, white folks haven’t even start to learn those facts. “In my opinion white smartness is a form of stupidity”, otherwise I can’t call it because it isn’t absolutely not smart to degrade, abuse or backward African people…! In the West smart white people get the Nobel Prize for their criminal actions in Africa which makes, in my opinion, the Nobel Prize organization a criminal institute…!

Every nation that has misbehaved in Africa must learn that the blame for all the misery in Africa lies largely with the whites. Of these, we cannot exculpate this mess to pass on the Africans. People can only exist in peace together if they can live at peace with itself. Only then can insidious diseases, wars, riots and natural disasters that are increasingly bringing humanity into disrepair, be stopped. At the end of the last millennium were all threats known. And the overall globalization of the third millennium we should not forget the overall findings by the Aztecs as they mentioned the cataclysm year of 2012. Is it meaningless? I really don’t know. We wait, but further destroying our world will become increasingly intense protests, terror and war calls.


The mere fact that the net assets of the two hundred richest people in the total income of 40% of the world surpasses indicates that the gap between rich and poor has become unbridgeable. Pecuniary wealth has become concentrated in countries outside Africa, a continent plundered of human beings and wealth by the whites. In over one hundred poor countries is just a sharp drop in the average income shown. And that worldview is an increasingly rapid process to the detriment of Africa and it is not changing for the better.

Ozodi? You talked about God and I have long wondered exactly who He is and why He allows people to dice with people for their own gain. I’m out for, It seemed to me that I is not God and he is neither Ego, white, black, Jehovah, Muslim, Christian or Jew. Yes, God is not even an entity but still He is present. I think the current belief on earth people never will succeed in describing him as the Ultimate Source and power of the universe. The closest way to describe him to me seems to Quantum Mechanic and Physic theories but just then, humans for ever will be humans until they have eradicated themselves. Ozodi sorry!!!! But does my sorry and shame help…….? I doubt it the only thing that will rest is to give the world back to the natives and their splendid traditional healers….. A world without white conquerors…!

To be continued…