GTF Announces Investigative Journalism Scholarship Programme

The Galloway Family Foundation (GFF) in conjunction with ABC News and The George Polk Awards have announced their partnership to fund a new fellowship program in the field of investigative journalism.

GFF and ABC News, working with the George Polk Awards Committee, have established a pilot program for international investigative reporting, to be known as the Galloway Fellowship for International Investigative Reporting (“The Galloway Fellowship”).

The goal of the Fellowship is to identify and train talented international journalists to conduct important investigations in regions that are newsworthy but not adequately covered currently.

The Galloway Fellowship innovative program offers foreign journalists a unique opportunity to broaden their journalism experience by working with a leading television newsroom. Reporting will focus on important stories from regions that are often ignored or underreported. The goal of the program is to provide training and invaluable experience to foreign journalists to improve the quality of international news reporting.

Selection Process:

-A qualified candidate for the Fellowship shall be currently employed by a news organization, have at least (5) years experience as a working journalist, and the endorsement of an editor to take a leave of absence for this fellowship.  A qualified candidate should also have experience working on multiple news platforms or an expressed desire to do so and a working knowledge of English.

-To be considered for the Fellowship, applicants must submit the materials indicated below. The first round of applications will be accepted until July 30, 2010 or until the position is filled.

-A one page cover letter outlining your interest and qualifications to be awarded the Fellowship.

-Application Form

-Two professional references, including one from an immediate supervisor.

-A letter from current employer granting permission for a leave of absence.

-Applicants will be screened by a committee of advisors from the Galloway Foundation and the George Polk Awards Committee and finalists will receive personal interviews in person or by phone.

-Anyone meeting these basic requirements who wishes to submit an application may do so by completing the application form.

-Following the submission of all applications by the deadline of September 1, 2010, the applications will be reviewed and three or so finalists elected.  Interviews may then be conducted, whether in person or by telephone conference, following which a final decision will be made and the fellowship offered.


-The terms of the Fellowship shall be four to six (4-6) months.

Compensation and Expenses:

-The Galloway Family Foundation will provide each Fellow with a basic stipend of up to $5,000 per month for 4-6 months duration.  The stipend amount is intended to cover the fellow’s living expenses during the Fellowship term, which includes two months working in the New York office of ABC News.  The exact amount of the stipend will be determined based on the Fellow’s actual or expected living expenses, as well as on the Fellow’s normal compensation at his or her current place of employement.  In addition to the stipend, the Foundation will pay specifically agreed upon costs for round trip economy international airfare and necessary Visa applications.  The Foundation may consider providing additional financial support for specific reporting projects on a case-by-case basis.

If needed, the Foundation will make reasonable efforts to help applicants find housing in New York City. The Foundation will also assist in the completion of any Visa application necessary for the Fellow.

Placement and Work:

-Once selected, ABC News shall place the fellow in the ABC News Brian Ross Investigative Unit, which produces reports for all ABC News programs as well as publishes a daily investigative website, “The Blotter” at  The Ross Unit shall supervise and train the fellow and shall help the fellow develop investigative stories concerning his or her home region.

-It is expected the Fellow will spend part of the six months of the Fellowship in the Ross Unit in New York, and part of the fellowship reporting from his or her home region.

Compliance with ABC News Policy:

-During the term of the Fellowship, the fellow shall be subject to ABC’s policies and procedures.  Violation of those policies will result in early termination of the Fellowship, upon notification to Galloway and the Polk Awards Committee.  During the terms of the Fellowship, the fellow shall be covered by ABC’s various insurance policies.

We have attempted to provide sufficient information for all potential applicants to determine if they wish to apply.  If however, you have any questions involving the program please contact us at

Once applications are submitted the Foundation will acknowledge receipt within 48 hours. The Foundation will not respond to any inquiries regarding the status of any applications until the final decision(s) are made, which will be no later than September 1, 2010.