e.tv Calls For Music Show Proposals

JOHANNESBURG – e.tv is looking for an original entertainment music show concept to air in prime time. The concept must highlight different contemporary music genres in South Africa and internationally.

The music programme should be aimed at males and females between the ages of 16 and 24.


Your proposal should consider the following:

52 x 23’ programmes
Studio or location based
1 or 2 presenter(s)
SA and International music entertainment show that reflects today’s youth culture, the latest news and music reviews
Content must also be able to accommodate possible mobile and web interactive elements .
The programmes will be broadcast in prime time The target market is middle to upper income viewers (LSM 5-8) and must have broad appeal
Guide price is R3000 cost per minute

Submission Process

e.tv will accept proposals only from registered South African production companies, on the terms and conditions set out in this invitation.

All proposals submitted will be evaluated by e.tv. Short-listed producers will be required to present their proposals to an e.tv panel at e.tv offices in Hyde Park. Producers are required to cover any and all costs incurred in making and submitting the proposals as well as, in the case of short-listed producers, presenting the proposals to the e.tv panel.

The selected producer will be required to work within the final budget determined by e.tv and to sign e.tv’s standard commissioning agreement.

The successful producer will be required to work with an Executive Producer from e.tv and any such other staff as e.tv may, in its sole discretion, determine. The produced programs are subject to e.tv’s final editorial control.

The selection of proposals, the determination of the budget for the programme and the terms and conditions of the standard commissioning contract are all entirely within e.tv’s discretion.


The proposals must contain the following information:

• A detailed treatment of the programme including proposed presenter(s);
• A full production budget incorporating a detailed description on personnel, equipment and resource requirements and including the costs of commercial music video usage
• A production schedule
• The key personnel who will be working on the series


All proposals from production companies must include the following information:

• Name and registration number of production company;
• BEE profile/status. Submit certificate (if available)
• Names, race and gender of shareholders of production company;
• Names, race and gender of directors of production company;
• Names, race and gender of senior personnel at the production
company and their positions; and,
• Details of training initiatives engaged in by the production
company over the past 12 months.

All proposals must contain the name, address and telephone numbers of person representing the company for purposes of the proposal.


Submission of the proposals is based on the unconditional acceptance by the producer of the terms and conditions in this invitation.

e.tv may, at any time prior to the closing date for the submission of the proposals, inform interested persons of an amendment to this document. The documents requested and information sought (as set out above) must be provided. Failure to furnish all required information or documentation or the furnishing of any false or misleading statement or document may disqualify the proposal.

All costs incurred in the preparation and submission of the proposals must be carried by the producer concerned. e.tv will under no circumstances be liable for these costs.

e.tv’s decision concerning the commissioning of programme proposals is final.

e.tv is under no obligation to provide feedback on particular proposals and will not enter into any correspondence on the proposals.

Producers who supply material or DVDs do so at their own risk. Owing to the administration involved, e.tv will not return to producers any materials submitted to it in terms of this invitation.


The proposals must be submitted by no later than 31 July 2010 to the attention of:
Manager: e.tv Local Productions.
No 5 Summit Road,
Dunkeld West, Johannesburg 2196



Should you have a programme suggestion for broadcast on e.tv please use the following guidelines to submit your proposal.

1. Indicate which Genre/Category the proposal falls in.
2. Give a brief outline of the concept- no more than 500 words- including proposed episode(s) and duration of programmes.
3. Include detailed treatment.
4. A Production Budget
5. All proposals must be TYPED. No handwritten proposals will be accepted.
6. All proposals submitted at the producer’s own risk.
7. e.tv will not take responsibility for returning any submitted materials.
8. e.tv will only contact producers whose proposals we would like to pursue.
9. e.tv will not enter into any correspondence regarding any submitted proposals.
10. Proposal must be sent by Mail or hand delivered to:

Head of Local Productions
5 Summit Road
Dunkeld West

New Programme Briefs will be communicated via our on air promos, radio and/or print.
Please check our website on a regular basis for new briefs.