Zimbabweans Urged to Love and Unite

By Ronald Mureverwi –  The just ended week is arguably the most significant time in the history of Zimbabwe if not the moment of destiny following a series of historic events that took place ushering a wave of new positive energy towards the nation’s destiny. Beginning with the maiden appearance of one of the best football teams in the world, five time world cup winners, the Brazilians to play Zimbabwe at our home soil to the coming of one of God’s most powerful annointed ambassador to the Kingdom in preaching the Gospel- Joice Meyer, these events have inevitable made a huge impact in ways people can never begin to imagine.

A date with the samba boys has put Zimbabwe at the lime light and propelled our brand to the highest platform as a safe journey for tourist and the hub of business in the region. Boosting of one of the world’s seven wonders, people from all the corners of globe experienced a feel of Zimbabwe’s warm hospitality a week before the official kick off of the world cup in South Africa. Africa roared into life from Harare.

Once again the finer side of nature was unveiled, embedded on a common shared inspiration built upon the quest of peace, -humanity was brought to a common place of interaction, different languages, race, culture, creed, lifestyles, and professions decorated in colors the Zimbabwe national sports stadium, brought together by the most celebrated cross cutting oldest and famous sport- football with flags graciously applauding the scene.

The visit of God’s chosen ambassador could not have come at a better time. Joice Meyer Ministries’ Festival of Life was the place to be from the 2nd to the 6th of June, broadcast live on national television ZTV. The last day of the evening session was graced by well over 200 000 believers, including top government officials among them the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, and several ministers as they converged to hear God’s message for Zimbabwe at a time the nation is coming out of bondage to go to the promised land.

Joice Meyer encouraged the nation not to live in the past but look forward to moving forward. She made prophetic declarations that Zimbabwe indeed is the bread basket of Africa, that she will send missionaries to Europe to preach the gospel and also that she will loan to other countries.

Most importantly Joice said that if Zimbabwe was to emerge from the warfare we are fighting with satan as a nation we need to have love between one another, desist from being selfish and wear shoes of peace. She reiterated that love is one of the greatest weaponry in warfare, and that as a nation if we united to start doing what each individual ought to do without looking up to someone to do it, God would intervene and do what we cannot do.

She challenged the nation as families and individuals to take the initiative and assist the less privileged in society particularly the homeless children on the streets, the widowed, orphans and vulnerable children which she described as the ones close to Jesus Christ’s heart.

Those with ears heard. The honours is now upon the nation to take heed of the revelation knowledge that was released at a time that we are making efforts to transform into a peaceful democratic society and heal from the wounds of the past.