Zimbabwe: Writers speaks on Common wealth writers competition

By Alfred Tembo – MIDLANDS – Exclusion of Zimbabwe from participating in commonwealth completions has taken a left turn as less prioritized areas of concern suffers most at the hands of politic decisions which are made by the government.

Recently Zimbabwe Africa National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu Pf ) National Chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo told Zimbabwe Broadcasting Services (ZBC) that Zimbabwe is not interested in re-joining Commonwealth.

The government needs to slow down on its political pride and reconsider that it is not the industry and commerce that suffers most but other sectors like book industry which are hardly put into consideration when it comes to national issues.

One such Gweru based prominent children’s literature author Ignatius Musonza said the Commonwealth issue is no longer for the writer to discuss following its political association proximity.

“As for Zimbabwean writer, the fate for the Commonwealth short story competition now lies in the hands of the politicians, to define its direction, because it is now a political matter than it would be defined as a literary concern.” said Musonza.

In a telephone interview Nhamo Mhiripiri said with or without Commonwealth, Zimbabwean literature will progress, save for a few who realized opportunities through these British funded programs, hence contributing to literary development.

Zimbabwe is among the best if not the world’s fineness country to produce some great writers. Considering that Zimbabwe produced good writers like Brian Chikwava,” said Mhiripiri.

“They are other writers like, Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Christopher Mlalazi who realized opportunities though Crossboarder writers program” Mhiripiri further commented.

However the dwindling of Zimbabwe Book industry has directly contributes to writers’ failure to earn a living through their literary works. Charlse Mungoshi’s case, is a referable Zimbabwe most recent incident where the writer was deserted by his local publishers during his time of needy, to meet his medical needs which he alone could not meet.

Commonwealth offers writers an ascertain opportunities to contest and win a lumps some of at least 5000 pounds for their winning short stories or first published novel.