Zimbabwe Indigenesation Bill a rip-off

By Aaron Mutara – The government indigenisation bill has discouraged investors to invest in the country because it recommends that investors cede 51 percent of there shares to the people. Currently the country is in turmoil and we need investors to boost our economy so that we can start producing and manufacturing for ourselves. The bill targets to empower the black majority and is spear headed by minister Saviour Kasukuwere. If foreign investors cede the 51 percent they will no longer control their companies because they will have the least number of shares.

The current situation concerning investment in Zimbabwe is not investor friendly due to the policies that the government is put so that they can self enrich themselves. Investors that where in the country are now taking there investments into other countries because the situation that has prevailed in the country. Zimbabwe truly needs investment so that it can function full without the aid of other countries and, so that it returns to the old status quo that existed when we got independence. All hopes are that this Bill can be reverted so that investors can come and invest and create employement for the people and so that we move with trends of the modern world in terms of technology and also infrastructure.

At times when other countries surrounding Zimbabwe are offering stable environments and markets that are free from government interference, I think this is bad way to attract investors. The types of investment that the government is trying to attract are big investments which the investors feel they should have a total control of their asset.