Zimbabwe: Chief Chaka makes a peace declaration for Chirumhanzu

By Ron Murevererwi – ‘’I am not aligned to any political party. I want to unite people to live in peace, exchange ideas on what to do to stir development forward. Let’s be in the papers for good reasons not violence.’’ Chief Chaka

More than five hundred villagers among them, chiefs, counselors, herdsmen, the representative from national youth service, church leaders, artist, women, youths, men, political party representatives and members from the MDC and from ZANU Pf gathered on Sunday afternoon the 14th of November at Muwani business centre, 5 km from Chaka business centre along the Harare- Masvingo road to commemorate the International day of peace organized by ROHR Zimbabwe.

The commemoration was celebrated in the form of rich probing poetry, incisive drama, soothing music , testimonials and deep speeches interwoven together to popularize the inevitable need for sustainable peace for development, its attainment and the underlying advantages of the absence of violence.

The moment came when his highness, the visionary Chief Chaka delivered the key note address directly to his people and the visiting chief Manhovo from the neighboring villages. Unlike the other breed of chieftainship that has been mired in the political crisis rather than being part of  the solution, chief Chaka made it known openly to the gathering that he was neither MDC nor Zanu Pf in assuming his priorities and duties as the leader. Below is copy text of the speech delivered by Chief Chaka to his people.

I want to honor chief Manhovo and all the leadership represented here. I am so happy with the meeting for peace. As chief, I have already began making efforts on spreading the gospel of peace in my constituency. I have gone around telling herdsmen and their people, that I do not want to hear about a person being beaten because of politics.

People should be free to live harmony. I have said to people particularly then youths in my area, if I hear that you have burnt a house or that u have beaten other people because of politics then you have to depart from my area.

As leaders of constituencies we urge people to live in peace so that there could be development. Without peace there is no development.

This year I will partner with chief Manhovo to see that people vote in peace next year. We do not want to hear about people murdering each other or hear about demolition of houses . If there are pending disputes they have to be resolved before the elections. If you owe someone something, make efforts to resolve issues now and not wait to settle scores next year.

If I hear of any cases of violence in my area, I will summon the culprit and his or her parents to my court failure to which they will have to find another place to live where violence is tolerated.

I have come today because of the meeting on peace, if it was about politics I could have refused but because I heard its about peace- that’s what we want. Therefore can you also pray for the leaders of this country to unite in honesty.

Us as chiefs, we are not aligned to any political party but encourage people to live in peace, therefore I encourage chief Manhovo to tell his people and herdsmen not to threaten and intimidate one another. Chaka and Manhovo we are one people, we can not have a situation where people from Chaka will go and beat people of Manhovo or vice versa.

As from today we do not tolerate any form of intimidation or any form of violence among the people of Manhovo and Chaka. We are one family therefore we encourage unity and development. I do not want to hear of any shaming incidence in newspapers of violence between Manhovo and Chaka.

You are lucky to have wise leadership that respects truth telling… that is why I am here today.

We want peace and unity. I am not aligned to any political party. I want to unite people to live in peace, exchange ideas on what to do to stir development forward. Let’s be in the papers for good reasons not violence.

I want to conclude saying to the youths, do not let people buy you beer or drugs to commit murder. Human blood is sacred.