Zimbabwe: Arts practioners urged musicians to be apolitical

By Alan Rushesha – Famous arts practitioner and musician Albert Nyathi said artist should desist from openly partaking in politically motivated functions as it destroys the main core of music in society.

“Music has the effect of influencing the society easily and is bound to spread very fast. Our role as musicians is to ensure that we perform to the benefit of the economic growth, said Nyathi.

This came out clearly in a discussion forum held in the capital based on the role of arts in a society. The debate was also polished by well- known playwright and culture analyst Steven Chifunyise and multi talented artist Rutendo Tapiwa.

Nyathi said he was worried by musicians who perform at political gatherings saying it was responsible for inciting bias towards audiences.

“I am bothered by artist who performs at political rallies. For myself, if a genuine gala is organised for the heroes, think I will attend,” said Nyathi.

The country’s music industry scenario is a reflection of how musicians are abused by politicians for their own self-centered intentions.

However, some artist in the country said there is no any harm for musicians to publicly venture into politics since they will be implementing their rights.

“Artists are free to express their conviction and we do not restrict anybody and our studio is open to everybody,” said Elias Musakwa, a producer and musician.