Zimbabwe Achievers Awards and Shout-Africa.com announce partnership for 2012 event

Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) and Shout-Africa.com are proud to announce that they have formed a partnership for Shout-Africa.com to exclusively cover the business category for the ZAA 2012. This is the second year running that the two organisations have worked together in show casing Zimbabweans talent to the global community.

The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards is the pinnacle of celebration of talent, art, business, expression and achievement in the Zimbabwean community throughout a very broad spectrum of genre. The Z.A.A is a distinctly special awards ceremony seeking to recognise Zimbabweans who have pushed the limits against all odds to raise the Zimbabwean flag high and do both themselves and their fellow countrymen proud, the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards aims to recognise the commitment to excellence, creativity, innovation and dedication of those Zimbabweans who have continued to expand on their talents and skill-set whilst celebrating their heritage.

The Project Manager for Shout-Africa.com, Misheck Mberi said:  “Shout-Africa.com as a news and entertainment hub that aims to highlight and publish positive news about Africa and Africans is thrilled to be working with ZAA to help showcase Zimbabwean talent to a worldwide audience and help inspire others to follow.”

This value-in-kind partnership will allow Shout-Africa.com to have access to ZAA 2012 Business Category nominees and enable Shout-Africa to exclusively publish content for the category.

Tickets are now available at the ZAA website and the event is to be held on the 28th April at Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, 45 Prescot Street, London E1 8GP. For more information visit the ZAA website on http://www.zimachievers.com/