Zim Ragga DJ Jah Seed Bashes South African Woman Reveller

Shout-Africa/ Sunday World – Nut-witted Zimbabwean-born ragga disk jockey, Jah Seed whose real name is Adrian Anesu Mupemhi, doesn’t take kindly to socialising with gays, the Sunday World reported yesterday.

The highly pompous ragga and dancehall artist is reported to have allegedly bashed a woman who was with a gay friend at the Bassline in Newtown, downtown Johannesburg, last week–because they were becoming too friendly for his liking. Mupemhi who in 2002 was charged and deported from South Africa for being in country illegally, is not a stranger to controversy.

The Sunday paper reports that club-frequenter Lineo Mofolo said she has known Mupemhi for almost 10 years and he has always had a problem with gay people.

Last week Mupemhi is said to have confirmed that he and gays don’t breath the same air after he allegedly assaulted Mofolo and kicked her down in full view of party patrons.

Mofolo reportedly confronted Mupemhi after he gave her gay BFF Jerry Deeuw dirty looks.

“While Jerry was having a good time he was staring at him in disgust,” she says.

“Because I know him personally I asked if he had a problem with my gay friend.”

Mofolo is said to have added that Mupemhi confessed that he can’t stand gays .

“He told me that gays should burn in hell and he doesn’t like my friend Jerry.

“He went on and said his two-year-old son is a real man as he wakes up with an erection already,” added Mofolo.

She was quoted in the newspaper as saying that she asked Jah Seed what if his son turns out to be gay?

“All hell broke loose. He turned around and the next thing I heard was a warm klap and a kick in the back. H e kicked me. I fell and people stopped him.

“He called me a devil and lesbian bitch and said I should never enter Bassline again,” she said.

Mololo is said not to have reported the matter to the police because she thought Mupemhi would be man enough to apologise.

Deeuw said he is disappointed. ” This is the same guy people fought for when he was being deported back to Zimbabwe.”

“Berating women means you have no respect for yourself. I was hurt that he beat my friend while she was defending me,” says Deeuw.

He added that it’s not the first time Mupemhi has ill-treated him in public about his sexuality.

Mupemhi denies beating Mofolo up. He says the security guards were pushing her and he was trying to help.

“She is my friend. I have known her for more than 10 years, since she was at Wits, but she has changed over the years,” said Mupemhi.

Asked if he hates gays: “I don’t hang out with gays. I don’t have gay friends, but I don’t mind them.”